Development diary: week 10

Layer 2- 13th June (3.1)

For the beginning of this week I will begin on working on layer 2 for page 2, I will use the same techniques I used to create the other panels to create these panels. This would include drawing them out, getting them into Photoshop and adding colour, details and shading to them.


Development diary: week 9

Character Bible- 6th June (3.1)

After creating all the designs character, I finally put everything together. The characters were all drawn on paper, then the colour was added by using adobe sketch app on the Ipad and a specialised pen for the Ipad called Dagi. The alien and the main character designs were finished on the end of week 7, however the security guard design was finished much later, this is why this was not written up from week 7. After designing all the characters, I put them together with the written content on Photoshop.

Development diary: week 8

Final wireframes for the layout of panels- 30th May (3.1)

After creating rough designs and ideas, I have decided to create the final wireframes for the layout of panels using the rough designs and ideas to create them. I need the final ones as it will help me to create the panels a lot quicker because they are more organised and it will help me to determine if these panels are capable of keeping a good flow whilst telling the story.

Development diary: week 7

Identifying sounds that will be in the comic- 23rd May 2016 (3.1)

Before I begin creating sounds for the comic, I must first identify what sounds are needed and be able to decide what I can achieve in the time I have.

Here are the sounds that I can create for the comic:

Page 1

  1.  A gun being ready/ being cocked
  2.  A supressed gun being fired
  3.  A man grunting from pain or shock
  4.  A body being dragged
  5.  Sighing

Development diary: week 6

Research from “Framed Ink”- 15th to 16th May (2.1)


Lighting has the abilities to tell many different stories from the same thing, such as an image or the same set for a movie. A great example is given by the book which says “if we had two shoot two movies and the budget is so limited that we can only have one location, say a room with a table, four chairs, and two windows to the outside. The first movie we have to shoot is a cute tale for little kids and the second, the most upsetting horror movie ever made. And we can’t even reposition a single chair in order to create a more appropriate environment for each film.