Development diary: week 3

Ideas evaluation (2.1)

Three variations for my story idea:

Interactive comic

This idea would be to create a short interactive comic preview for my story idea, this would include motion and sound, such as movement of characters and objects, and foley and ambience sounds; I would need to use the pencil & paper and Photoshop to create the 2D assets and then use Madefire’s motion book tool to create the interactive comic with the 2D assets.


Development diary: week 2

Core skills and abilities (1.1)

My specialist area

My specialist areas would be a 2D artist, script writer, concept artist and storyboard creator.

2D artist:

I chose the 2D artist because I have always enjoyed drawing and creating 2D art when I was a kid, I was also inspired from the cartoons I watched like “adventure time”, “Batman” and “Justice League” and how those shows styles vary; I would like to further improve my drawing skills and style when working on the final major project.