Development diary: week 3

Ideas evaluation (2.1)

Three variations for my story idea:

Interactive comic

This idea would be to create a short interactive comic preview for my story idea, this would include motion and sound, such as movement of characters and objects, and foley and ambience sounds; I would need to use the pencil & paper and Photoshop to create the 2D assets and then use Madefire’s motion book tool to create the interactive comic with the 2D assets.


Development diary: week 2

Core skills and abilities (1.1)

My specialist area

My specialist areas would be a 2D artist, script writer, concept artist and storyboard creator.

2D artist:

I chose the 2D artist because I have always enjoyed drawing and creating 2D art when I was a kid, I was also inspired from the cartoons I watched like “adventure time”, “Batman” and “Justice League” and how those shows styles vary; I would like to further improve my drawing skills and style when working on the final major project.

Development diary: week 1

Interactive media ecosystem (1.1)

This week we learnt about the interactive ecosystem, what it contains and how it connects. The ecosystem contains four sections, platforms and media, organisation
and institutions, and sectors.