Production diary: Week 6

Design document pitch reflection 

This week we did our pitch for our ideas for the project we are working on, this will be a reflection on the presentation and our performances when delivering our pitches.

The presentation was very well done, it’s navigation was designed to be like the navigation we want for our dossier, this allows the viewers to have a much clearer idea of what the navigation will be like. Along with that the presentation has also been improve by removing some unnecessary content, such as mind maps that have shown what we have done instead of what we want to do in the future, however it could be improved even more. We don’t actually need the legal and ethical parts of the slide as we are merely showing we are going to create the dossier; another way the presentation can be improved is by adding one of the assets I forgot to give Ben, the asset is a wire-frame of the page that I’am working on, this would help the viewers get a better understanding of what I want for my page.

The performances were very good as well, from feedback from the class we were able to create a very clear picture of what we wanted for our dossier, we were also able to speak clearly to the audience and be loud enough for them to hear us. The improvements we could make is that instead of one of our team members (Ben) talking all the way through the team section of the presentation, we all speak at different parts of that section, that way no is bored by the single voice continuously talking.

Here is a link to the presentation: Prodection Desgin Powerpoint (after Feedback)