Production diary: Week 3


This week we began planning on the content of each page of the dossier and decided on who will do what section in our group and how many pages we all should do. For our first sections we will have a introduction and Home page which everyone will work on and the other sections are:

Section 1- “Napoleon, the big man himself” will be done by me Jack Hilder

Section 2- “The Grande Amree” will be done by Josef Pruchniewicz

Section 3- “The Arsenal, the weapons of war” will be done by Ben Bebell

Section 4- “The Science” will be done by Steven Prince

We decided that each of us would do a double page for the page we were assigned to and began to individually think of what the contents of our page will contain, then discuss if they are appropriate to what we were doing and what we wanted from the contents. I decided for my page to have basic information about him like date of birth and age; a biography about napoleon and how he came to be; a health document to show his medical conditions, etc. A voice log introducing the new recruits to his army and a plan section which would describe what Napoleon’s plan to take over the world.


This week, as a group we had to make a presentation answering the questions that we were given, along with what each of our roles are in this project.

Here the questions we were given:

  • Who is the client?
  • Who is the audience?
  • What is the purpose of the project?
  • What is the key information that the team needs to know?
  • What is the teams vision for this project?

Here are the answers for each of these questions:

-Our client is Punka studios, a video game publisher, situated in Canterbury, led by CEO Adam Modely and Vic president Jay. They frequently upload video entertainment to the social media platform, YouTube.

-The audience of the game is aimed at individual aged 12 plus who are fans of the following genres: FPS (First Person Shooter), adventure, survival. The dossier which is promotional material will have the same audience listed above as individuals who are interested in the game or who want to find out more information about the game will view the dossier.

-The purpose of the project is to create an interactive dossier for “Age of Napoleon” as promotional material to establish some law and backstory to the game but mainly to generate interest and hype for the game’s potential customers.

-The key information that the team needs to know are:

  • The construction of the alternate timeline
  • Knowing the boundaries of the graphic content
  • Knowing when & where what should be placed for established deadline
  • Who will be assigned to what sections
  • Research into modern history

-To create a professional interactive dossier to give relevant and accurate information and to generate interest amongst potential consumers to increase sails in the final game.


Production skills: Week 3

3D modelling 

This week I continued to improve my 3D modelling skills and pick up some new skills as well. The model we created this week was a old electric generator that was used to create electricity a long time ago.


The new skills I have learned are the being able to chamfer and learning more about the different ways I can extrude an object, along with different ways I can bevel. I applied these skills to create the 3D model and to round some of the edges of the 3D model, making it look more accurate to the picture. I had a organisational problem whilst creating the 3D model, when note taking, I missed a step that would have taken me to smoothing groups; I was able to solve that problem by asking my fellow students for a help. Next time I shall face towards the teacher when note taking, so I can hear properly and be able to look at the screen whilst note taking.


This week we practiced on creating a script for the dossier we are making for the project. This script will be used to record the voice logs in the dossier we are creating; before I began writing I discussed with my team on what characters we were doing, once we knew who we were doing, I did some research into Napoleon’s psychology.


(This is a mind map on what characters we want in the dossier and their characteristics)


(Notes on Napoleon’s psychology and the psychology of a power mad man, then a mind map of how Napoleon will act in the voice log)

The skills I learn from this are using the program celtx, I used this to create the script for Napoleon; I can apply these skills to when I need to create script for future projects. I was not able to continue writing the script on the program

Flow charts 

another task we were given this week was to create a flow chart based on a virtual tour of the college; we had to create one by ourselves, then return to our groups and create another flow chart improving it from our previous mistakes.

The skills I learnt from this is how create flow charts, along with using all the correct key icons to show how the flow chart worked. I applied this when given the task to create a virtual tour of the college and I can apply these skills when creating the virtual dossier’s navigation. A problem I had when creating the flow chart was that it was very linear, which I was able to fix when creating another one with the group. Next time I will take in account whether I want the flow chart to be linear or non-linear.

Production diary: week 1

Introduction to project

On the first week we were shown a little movie which explained the timeline we would be using to make dossiers for the project. The timeline was that Napoleon discovered the Tesseract, which he used to make his army more powerful and allowed him to live longer and take over most of the world. We were also told that three fractions exist in this timeline, Napoleon and his army, the resistance and the spies.

Next we were given what fractions we would be working on in the project. My team were given the faction Napoleon, which we will base our dossier on.


We first did research on the historically famous people who were involved in the war, of course we researched napoleon. We researched what their full name is, there date of birth, the events they have been in (historical events like wars), likes, dislikes, relationships, status, goals, education, groups and personality. Once all the information we needed to research collected, each member made a fake social media account on photoshop, using Napoleon as the main subject. Ben did Facebook, Jozef did Twitter, Steven did YouTube and I did Instagram.

I also created mood boards in the same week. As a group we decided what kind of mood board we each would create based on what certain things would look like in the dossier we were making; I created a mood board on what Napoleon’s military clothing looked like and what it may evolve into. This included what their clothing looked like, the symbols they had, the colours and how each ranking’s clothing looked like; I also showed an example of how it would look like when modified by tesseract power.