Production skills: Week 4


This week we had to record the voice logs for the scripts we wrote last week, we used a shotgun microphone to record it as we only needed to pick up the sound of my voice. The script I wrote was based on the alternate timeline’s Napoleon welcoming new recruits to his military, I chose myself to voice Napoleon.

The skills I learned were how to use a mic and how to setup the recording correctly, I applied this skills to record the script by placing myself in the correct position in front of the mic and setting the input level of the recording to -6 when they are reading the script. I applied these skills to record other peoples voice recordings and applied it to record my own voice log; I can apply these skills to future projects as I can use them if I need to do any recordings for voice. I did not have any problems when recording and there is nothing I would do differently, this is because afterwards from the recording, I checked out my recording and it sounded clear and fine; I also checked out the recordings of the people I recorded doing their voice logs which were great as well.

3D modelling 

This week we continued working on the electric generator we made last week.

The skills from 3D modelling I have learnt this week is how to bend an object, such as a box; I also learnt more about reshaping models using vertex and I learned how to us imprint to cut holes in objects. I applied these skills to create the rectangle that bends around the electric generator, I reshape the model to have support on the structure and I made holes in the rectangle using imprint. I can apply these skills to the project by using them to create 3D models that have these skills needed to create them for the dossier, like creating the sound device.

3D model generator bend tool

A creative problem I had was when noting down the steps for bending an object, I got a little confused about the process of making it bend in the right direction; this was solved by me testing every out come of the options on bend, at the end of testing everything until i solved it, I got a better understanding of the bend tool and how to use it. There is nothing I would like to change from this, as I believe I have done very well with the electronic generator, I was able to get the object to bend properly and was able to make the imprints the right size and evenly split.


This week we were taught on how to setup InDesign and how to use it once the correct setting were placed.

The skills have learnt are how to import images and videos into InDesign, how create master pages and normal pages and finally how to create buttons and use them to link pages together. I applied them to create a little ebook to display what I have learnt from that lesson; I can apply these skills to project by making the dossier on InDesign or using InDesign to make digital copies of the layout I want for the page I’m working on.

I had some difficulties in creating and handling the master pages correctly which I was able to over come by asking a friend how to use it probably. What I would do differently next time is to add a video so it shows that I understand how to import video.