Mock Interview Evaluation

This blog is about when I was given the task to be interviewed by the people I sent my cover letter too for their job application and to interview people who sent their cover letters to the job applications my group sent out. We did this so we could prepare for real interviews for the future, here is my evaluation of how my interview went and how my groups interviewing went.

Being the interviewee 

When I was being interviewed for the job of graphic designer, I think that I did pretty well, such as I was able to answer the questions clearly. I was also able to use one of my weaknesses and turn it into a strength, I did this when they asked what are my weaknesses, I responded with “I am dyscalcular and dyslexic” and then followed up with “but I see my dyslexia more as a strength than a weakness as I am more creative because of it”. I was also able to link my skills with the skill requirements very well.

Now there was one improvement I could make which was I should have taken more time in answering the questions, that way I could formulate much better answers.

Being the interviewer 

when interviewing the people who sent in their cover letters for each job application we sent, we made our own questions for the job application we each sent out. We also made some questions that were general questions for all the job application we have, that way some questions were specific for the job role and others were general main questions.

Here is a picture of my questions I did for concept artist:


The general questions were questions 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, the rest of the questions were made for the job application of concept artist. For the other interviews that weren’t concept artist, I only used the general questions, I believe all the interviews went well, we ask question that were aimed at the job role, at the person and are just general questions. We could have improved a couple of interviews where may have rushed a little bite and weren’t able to ask all the questions we wanted.

The interviews that we had that I was most impressed with was when interviewing Josh and Kallum as they answered the questions very well.


Unit 3: Acumen animation studios: Job application for Concept Artist and cover letter

For this task I had to create a Job application for a concept artist, I did this for Acumen animation studios group, I also had to create cover letter for another studio in the class for their job application they posted. We were given this task so we could use what we learned when ether sending out a job application or creating a cover letter to get a job.

Here is the Job application: acumen studios concept artist

I chose the concept artist as we had to pick a job that fitted our skills and do a job application for the job we picked, I picked the concept artist because I would work with my imagination and creative skills and I am able to draw quick designs and improve them further.

When creating a cover letter I first had to pick another studios job application that fit with the skills and education I have. I picked the job application from the studio called H.I.M (Hyper Interactive Media) and the job application I picked was the Graphic designer.

Here is the cover letter: Jack Hilder cover letter


Unit 2-3: What Social media platform is the best to use for a business?

For this task we had to work in our groups to do different types research into social media platforms being used for business and which is the best for business. After we had done all the different types of research such as primary research, secondary research, qualitative and quantitative, we put it all into a power point to showcase. We did the research so we could use it when we make a page for our studio and so we could use our knowledge of the media platforms to help our industries in the future.

Here is the PowerPoint: social media platform

The PowerPoint contains reviews of each of the different media platforms we researched which is secondary research on different reviews on social media platforms and rating each social media from that review but also comparing the data of the social media to each other.

The next slide contained what the main social medias are used for different businesses which is primary research, what Josie did was she sent emails to different businesses asking what social media do they use to advertise and promote their business and why. This would help to show what social medias work the best as professional businesses use them to advertise their businesses.

After that slide was the Pie charts of surveys which show the results of the survey that Ben did, the pie charts were “how much social media do you use per day?”, “what do you use social media most for?” and What is your most used social media platform?”. The next slide did a summary of the pie charts, showing the percentage of each answer followed up by the next. This would help to show a visual of the results we got from the survey.

When we presented, each of us presented the slide with our own work on, this would allow non of us to be confused when explaining a slide. We presented well, we all talked clearly and towards the class and each of us was able summerise each slid so we didn’t bore the class. We found out that Facebook is the best social media platform for a business but can be improved by using Instagram to promote the page.


Unit 3: Creative CVs

When making the creative CV, I aimed on making it show my creativity and my organisation skills, this was to teach us that business like more creative CVs and to help us practice on creating CVs in the future, we will also use the creative CVs for applying for job applications from the other studios in the class.

CV design1

This first design was good in color and size, it was able to show everything they need to know, this could be improved by organizing the text boxes a little better and adding some contact information to the CV. I also noticed in some feedback that some of the titles were not needed because they are self explanatory.

CV design 2

I improved by enlarging the shapes on the borders to fit in the text a little better without me having to shrink the text a little too small; I also added the contact info and the area I live in next to the main title, I could improve the CV by making the icons more centred.