I have begun working towards creating my project by working on a storyboard for when I record the footage for the rotoscope; I will first create three different scene ideas and decide on the one I will use. After that I will begin work on the storyboard and will also draw alternate storyboard shots so I can compare them and decide whether I want to use the alternate versions or not and why.

The three scenes I thought up are:

–          A guy enters an alley where encounters a thug who starts beating him up, he gets over powered and is on the floor still being punched, he reaches across and finds a blunt object which he uses to defend himself but accidentally kills the thug.

–          A guy finds his friend being beaten up, so he steps in to defend his friend, the fight is short as the police turn up.

–          A guy is witnessing another person about to be executed, so he intervenes and uses martial arts to save the day.

I decided to go for the first scene in the ally, this is because it only requires two actors and I can recreate the alley by using the corridor as the alley, so I have a solid environment work off from.

I then created a storyboard that is 12 drawings long and a total of 7 shots; I then created alternate shots to use for some parts of the storyboard.


Looking at the alternate shots, I have decided to use none of them as I believe the original is well thought out. The reason why I chose not to use the alternate shot 8.5 is because if I choose to leave it for the audience to decide to what has happened to the thug, it makes the scene a little bit more intense as the thug could be dead.


I also decided not use the alternate storyboard of shot 2 because the distance needed would make it more difficult to record and it wouldn’t be as effective as the other shot because the audience would anticipate that the fight, whereas the original shot makes it a kind of a surprise.



Looking at the work I have produced for this storyboard, I believe I could do more alternate shots which could have allowed to create a better storyboard but because of how long I have to produce the product and the amount of work needed to complete. I believe this was the right choice in moving onto the next steps of this animation as the primary focus of this product is to focus on the movement of the animation and the techniques it uses to communicates emotion.


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