Art style

To figure out the kind of art style I would use for the rotoscope, I took a picture of my face trying to express fear so I can create a rotoscope and figure out an art style that would be able to communicate the emotions I want to the audience and be nice visually. To decide on the art style, I will create several versions with different features and ask my peers which one they prefer and put it into a tally; I will then use the tally and my own evaluation to decide on how I would work on the art style.



I have begun working towards creating my project by working on a storyboard for when I record the footage for the rotoscope; I will first create three different scene ideas and decide on the one I will use. After that I will begin work on the storyboard and will also draw alternate storyboard shots so I can compare them and decide whether I want to use the alternate versions or not and why.