WEEK 2 Extended Project

What skills have I learnt?

This week I created a timeline in Tiki-toki of what I have done through this course to see what skills and knowledge I have required over the time, this is so I can apply this knowledge to my project proposal and research plan, allowing me to know what I need to research and be able to identify skills I can use in this project.

First year

Term one:

The first skills I learnt at the start of the year was self-reflection and doing research into myself, I now use this skill through most of the course and will defiantly use it at the end of my project to self-reflect on how I have done and whether I could do better.

The next set of skills was learning how to use 3Ds max, and the techniques and methods used in it. Because the animation I am planning to do is mostly 2D work, however after conducting some research into different vector based animated shows, I discovered a technique on using 3Ds max to create 2D backgrounds that have very good perspective.  

I then began to learn how to use sound, how edit sound in audacity and how to dub video with sound you have created. These skills are useful to my project as it is an animation, however sound is not my main focus of this project so I will probably work on little bit of Foley sound.

Term two:

I worked on creating a dossier with team on a fictional game, I did concept art, 3D modelling, texturing and voice acting. From this I learnt how to work on a project with a team, learning that communication and organisation is very important; I learnt how to work on concept art, how to research techniques better and document it, and how to use both physical elements and digital elements to create a piece of work. I can use these skills in my project by using them to learn new techniques, to create a team or focus group and have them properly organised, to sketch out character designs and to use physical techniques together with digital techniques.

Term three

I began my FMP by reviewing my core skills and abilities, which is something I did similar at the beginning of this project. Further on, I finally began research into my project, looking at books like Framed Ink and other sources. This taught me how to do independent research and document it properly, along with Harvard referencing it. This is a very useful skill I can use in this project as I will be mostly doing independent research on my project.

When I was researching art styles, I did two types of research, first is secondary research which was on art styles from products with the similar genres I was working with and then primary research which was experimenting with the art styles I had research by applying them to my character. From this I learnt how to properly experiment and document it, this is again something I will be doing a lot in my project which means that it is a very important skill to know.

Second Year

Term one

I learnt at the beginning of my interactive promotional video project, the main basics of After Effects, creating and using mask paths and text paths, and using 3D characteristics in After Effects.  I also put more practice into storyboarding for my promotional video and motion graphic; most of these skills, I probably won’t be using in my project as I won’t be using After Effects to animate, however storyboarding will be an Important part of my project as it will help me plan the chorography of my fight scene, along with the shot types and angles.

Term two

In the first two weeks, I learnt more about researching myself, one of the skills I learnt that can be useful for my project is how to conduct a proper interview, this would allow me to conduct interviews with people in the industry and be able to gain a lot of information which I can use for my product.

In the third week, I was taught how to do a case study, this was done by first doing asset case study with a group; once I learnt the basics, I put what I learnt into practice by doing my own case study of a chosen technology. I can use this skill to create more case studies into things I want to know for my project.

The fourth week, I was taught how to properly conduct an experiment and how to document it by showing me how and then doing it under a specific theme, I then again put it into practice but this time picking my own theme. I can use this skill to properly conduct and document my experiments in this project.

In the fifth week, I worked on more experiments focusing around 2D animation, I first experimented on using acetates to create key frames of a walk cycle, I found that it would allow me to see what it would look like at the end a lot easier, however this process took more time and requires very few mistakes; from this gain some skills in using acetate, animation and improve my Photoshop skills. When experimenting with vector based animation, I found that it was a little be more fiddly than frame by frame, this was because I had less control of what each frame was and I have little experience with using it. However, I was able to improve my After Effects skills, gain some Illustrator skills and vector based animation skills.

In the sixth week, I worked on my practitioners report, where I researched into two people and their products. From this I found new techniques and methods, along with history of both Hayao Miyazaki and Mamoru Hosoda. From this I improved my research skills and Harvard referencing as I did a lot of secondary research for both products and creators.


Looking at this, I find that I have learnt a lot about how to research, using certain software and techniques used in the industry. This information will allow me to know what I am capable of for my project, and what I need to research and practice to achieve my project; this will allow me more time to work on my project as I will not have waste time trying to find out what I need to more of.



The Why mission statement

This week for the blog, I will be looking at the reasons why I do the things I do, like pursuing animation, attending this course, etc. This will allow me to see what my influences are which I can use in my final project.

First looking at my purpose, why do I do the things I do? I first began this course not really sure of what I wanted to, however halfway through the year, I began to realise what I wanted to pursue because of the projects I worked on and the self-reflections and evaluations I conducted. I continue this course now to explore the disciplines I want to pursue and to earn the necessary grades to allow me to continue to pursue my discipline in University. The discipline I want to pursue is animation, I confirmed this when working on my first FMP, the reason why was because my FMP was to see if I was interested in world building, character development, script writing and storyboarding. I found that I enjoyed most of it, mainly the character development and storyboarding; with more reflection and looking at my influences, I found that animation would be the right thing for me as I can explore what I am interested in with more detail and have more to express on. Looking at all of this, I have found that I have progressed very well as I know my purpose and reason for doing what I do, like going to college and pursuing. I have also learned a range of skills I can use in the media industry and be able to reflect and evaluate on myself. Looking at myself now, I took a lot of my inspiration from animators on YouTube and NewGrounds, which possibly why I have chosen animation as my discipline but it also comes from animated movies with great art styles and visuals.


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