Week 1 and 2

What I love?

At the beginning of this week, I worked on creating a mind map of the things I love, this would include things that I like and are interested in, hobbies and seeing what I know about such as techniques and methods for frame by frame animation. The purpose of this task is to discover more about myself and to see if my interests are linked to one and another; I can use this kind of research for my FMP to narrow down what I want to do and learn by using my interests and also finding the best base for my FMP that meets most of my interests.

In my mind map, I included four major things I like and love, these were animation, script writing, concept design and landscapes. With that, I then explored more into each one, going deeper it what I like and love about them, along with what I knew.



From creating the mind map, I found that I knew a lot about concept art. I found that I knew more than I expected about script writing, however I needed to do more research on it, along with also animation and landscapes if I were to go down that line. This is useful information to me because I can now use it to see what I need to research if I go down one of the paths that link to my mind map in my Final Major project, such as I might go down a path that involves animation as it is linked to several other interests and have my interests in landscapes be the main theme.


Interviewing Xavier

For the 2nd week of this term, I interviewed another student from a different class; this would help us learn more about ourselves and apply that knowledge towards our final major project, I can use this research to narrow down what I want to do for my FMP, along with also discovering new things about myself such as new skills or weaknesses, interests I never really thought about, etc. The research that I will be doing will also count as primary research.

To start the task, I first began simple research into my interviewee, Xavier; this will help me create questions that are relevant to Xavier; for this research, I asked him simple questions like what is the course he is on, what was his FMP, etc.

He are my research questions:

  1. What course are you on?

“Games Development”

  1. What was you Final Major Project and how do you feel about the final result?

“3D environment, it didn’t work out to how I planned it.”

  1. Do you like gaming and what games do you like?

“Yes, I like Halo games, first person shooters, third person survival and Mass effect series”

  1. What do you play on?

“Xbox One”

  1. What films do you like?

“Marvel films and Star war films”

  1. Do you like anime and which do you watch more, Sub or dub?

“Yes and I mostly watch Sub”

  1. What are you passionate about?

“I am passionate about games and my pets”

  1. What are your influences?

“My family”

I then did some more research by looking at Xavier’s blog, mainly around his final major project from last year. He made a 3D environment which was very good, however he believes that he could do better, he is also very self-critical about his work.

What do I want to find out?

After going through the research, I found that the main thing I wanted the interview to focus round is, what influences him into pursuing the career he wants?


Topic Question
1.      Interests –          What are your hobbies?

–          What are your likes & dislikes?

–          Expand on answers, e.g. what you like linked to…..

2.      Personal questions –          What makes you happy?

–          What characteristics do you like about people and why?

–          What do you dislike about people and why?

3.      Career –          What career do you want to peruse?

–          What is your final goal in your career?

–          Expand on answers, e.g. do you think that…. Is why you want to do…?

4.      Influence –          From your interests would you say that … is an influence towards your career and if yes, then why/ if not then what and why?

–          Expand on anything else learnt from the interview.



  1. – His hobbies are gaming and watching anime.

– He likes to spend time alone because of his mental disability (He has to spend an hour alone a day), He likes games quite a bit. He dislikes crowded places, having to give out the same answer to someone.

– I asked him about one of his dislikes which was crowded places and whether it was connected to his disability, he answered that I was slightly right however part of it is because he is not very good at socialising, as a result he prefers to be by himself.

  1. – What makes him happy is when he relaxes around his home, as well as being with his pets and family, and playing games. I followed up by asking him if being with his friends make him happy, he responded with that he doesn’t see his friends outside of college but he doesn’t mind spending time with them at college.

–  The characteristics he likes about people are he prefers kind people, he likes quiet people because of his disability, he doesn’t want to constantly talk to people about it and he likes people with similar interests as him as it makes it easier for him to socialise with them.

– He dislikes people that involve themselves in other people’s business when it doesn’t concern them, he doesn’t like bullies, people who oppress people and he doesn’t like people who place themselves above others.

  1. – He wants to peruse 3D modelling for games, this is because he finds himself mostly skilled at it and he believes that he is not very good at sound, he also hasn’t explored animation, so he sees 3D modelling as the only option.

I then expanded on the question and asked if he thinks that his disability, autism is connect to why he wants to do 3D modelling and further explained how some disabilities also allow different skills and talents to be created. He disagreed with me and said that his disabilities are more psychical and social, along with that when he plays his games, he is somehow able to lose those disabilities.

– He would like to be employed by one of the larger gaming companies and get a stable income and doesn’t have any other goals.

  1. – I asked him from the answers he gave that if one of the influences for his career in the game industry was because of games and if so why do you think that is, he agreed with me and said he finds it all familiar to him so he goes towards. He doesn’t like doing new things because thinks he will do them terribly wrong, so he only sticks to the things he knows and doesn’t stray.

Reflecting on the interview I gave

From this interview, I was able to achieve my main goal of finding out “what influences him into pursuing the career he wants?”, the answer was a bit complicated but I was able to figure it. What influences him to pursue a career in game development is his dislike of change and doing new things which is linked to his autism, the reason why he chooses to pursue this career because he takes great enjoyment from games and it is something he knows a lot about. However, this may be a good choice for him to pursue this career as his autism may benefit him, this is because his autism may allow him to visualize 3D space and objects much more easily than others which is great in games development as most of the development is 3D modelling.

Harvard reference:

Grandin, D.T. (2006) THINKING IN PICTURES with 2006 Updates from the Expanded Edition. Available at: http://www.grandin.com/inc/visual.thinking.html (Accessed: 14 January 2017).

Being Interviewed

Here are the questions I was asked and my answers:

  1. What are the names of your pets?

–          My dogs’ names are Lillie and Lolo, my cats’ names are Puddy and Tip, and my goldfish’s name is Bob.

  1. Why do I prefer Xbox over PC?

–          When it comes down to technicality and gameplay, I prefer PC, however when it comes to emotion, I find I prefer console as in childhood I only had a console.

  1. How was I introduced into anime?

–          I first discovered anime when watching the TV on Film 4 and Spirt away came on.

  1. What is my favourite anime series?

–          When I first started, it was Full metal alchemist, however now that I have watched a lot of great anime, I cannot decide.

  1. What do I like about the game portal?

–          I like how portal’s comedy and story are scripted, along with how it’s one of the games that has great puzzles in 3D space.

  1. What do I like about metal gear solid?

–          How I can spend hours playing one mission and the amount of concentration needed to do well on a mission.

  1. What do I like about battlefield?

–          I like the communication that can be used in the game, along with forming up into separate squads in one team to achieve different tasks.

  1. What do I want to do for my Final major Project?

–          I want to focus my final major project around animation.

  1. Do I know what I want to do after the course, and if so what?

–          I want to go to Farnham University of creative arts to study animation.

  1. Why Am I influence by Justin Roiland and Seth MacFarlane?

–          Because they are both creators of their own shows which are also both wildly popular.

  1. How do I feel about my name?

–          It’s alright, I neither like nor dislike it.

  1. Who gave me that name?

–          My mother

  1. How was my childhood?

–          It was great, I spent a lot of it outside because I live on a farm, so I really appreciate where I live.

  1. What characteristics do I like about people?

–          I like the kindness of people, the empathy they can have to one and another, and the trust they can have between each other.

The results my interviewer concluded

After interviewing Jack Hilder I found out the things that influenced him into pursuing his current career was the Ghibli films and he was also influenced by Justin Roilard and Seth Macfarlane due to their different approach to comedy and the fact they have their own shows. It appears he wants to do animation in shows and tv series rather than games.

Reflecting on my interview

From this interview, I didn’t really learn as much as I wanted to about myself, this is probably because my interviewer didn’t really push as much on the questions he gave. However, what I did learn about myself was that the reason I enjoy landscapes and environments, whether done in photography, sketch or create in 3Ds Max, was because most of my childhood has been in the countryside and from where I live, I have a great view of it. With this knowledge, I can decide whether to use landscapes in my final major project such as using landscapes as the main theme of my project and explore how landscapes are used? for future reference, such as using it in future projects.


Myer’s Briggs test

In order to learn more about myself, I used a personality test to find out more about, the site I used was https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test. This again goes towards my FMP as the information I learn about myself, I can apply to the FMP, such as making the project focus on strengths or improve upon my weaknesses.

The theory behind this test that was create came from the theory created by Carl Jung which was that there are four principal functions by which humans experience the world, they are sensation, intuition, feeling and thinking.

After going through the test and answering as honestly as I could, I found that I was Campaigner ENFP-A, each letter of that means different thing and are also pared with another letter/word.

It goes:

(E) Extrovert or (I) Introvert

(S) Sensing or (N) Intuition

(T) Thinking or (F) Feeling

(J) Judging or (P) Perceiving

What it says and how I feel about it

The results are actually pretty accurate with how I experience life and how I approach things, however there are some parts that I disagree on such as my weaknesses, having poor particle skills and getting stressed easily. The things I related to from the results were how I am in a workplace, a little bit on how I will pursue the career I want and how I am with friendships.

I was surprised when reading through the weaknesses, as I discovered something I never really considered about myself and that is being highly emotional, particularly when under high amounts of stress, criticism or conflict, it comes out in burst and can be counter-productive.

I slightly agree with the test with parts that really match what I am to parts which are way off.  The theory of the test I am not too sure about however because the test results were fairly accurate, I think do agree on it however I believe it is more to do with the psychology of human beings.


After doing this task, I have found that I have discovered more about myself than I previously knew and has made me more solid on who I think I am; with what I have learnt, I can use it to inform my work practices, such as making the idea process in my projects a lot longer or shorter than usual as it says in the results that Campaigners are great at creating and working on ideas. I can also improve some of my weaknesses through my FMP, such as improving my ability to focus by creating a plan that would allow me to keep my work flow and when working, create an environment without distractions.

Part 2: Going through the test as if your peer is answering them

After going through the test again as my peer, Sam, I got the same thing he got early; however when he went through the test as me, he got Protagonist (ENFJ-A) which is different to what I got earlier. When reading through the protagonist I found that I related to it a lot, maybe more than the campaigner as I found that some of the weaknesses don’t match with me and nearly of the rest relate with me such as again how I act towards myself, friends, my career and my workplace.

After looking at the results, I find that my perspective of myself and what other people perceive of me are similar but also slightly different, either I see myself less than I am or other people see more than I am.


When looking at Sam’s results and my results, I have found that I maybe more complicated than I thought or that I think less of myself; this has helped me also discover more about myself that I didn’t really know. Again this will help me with my Final major project as can base my work on improving myself.

Reflecting on this week’s tasks

When looking at the tasks I have undertaken, I believe I have done very well when doing research into myself. I was able to discover that I may criticise myself a little too much and I can do more than I believe I can. Through the tasks, I was able to give clear reflections on them, however I believe I may be able to do more by asking for feedback from my peers.


2 thoughts on “Week 1 and 2

  1. Jack, you have provided a detailed account of each of the tasks you undertook during these two weeks and you have begun to reflect upon your findings and what these may mean for your work and direction which you take for your FMP. However, your work needs more development in terms of your explanation and reflection on the tasks themselves. For example, you need to explain the context of the work: why were you doing these particular tasks? How might you use this kind of research within your FMP? How do your findings inform your ideas? Try to be as detailed as possible when considering your findings: in your Who Am I? task, for example, you could have reflected on the types of exploration that this knowledge might lead towards. Likewise, although you mention your interest in landscapes from the results of your interview, how could you use this information? With your work on Myers Briggs, consider how this might inform your working practices, or even the type of project you could undertake. How might you work to build upon your strengths and ameliorate your weaknesses?

    Please also make sure that you proofread your work with care, or get someone else to help you with this – there are some significant errors in spelling and grammar here.


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