Unit 11

To begin with first day of my 2nd year on the course, I looked back on last year and answered some questions to see how I have progressed and receive feedback from each answer.


  • What did I learn?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • What did I enjoy?
  • What were my goals at the beginning of last year?
  • Did they evolve? Did they change?
  • What are my career goals now? (short term, mid term, long term)

Answers with feedback:

For the first question, I learnt how to use adobe photoshop, premier, illustrator, 3Ds Max, audacity, Madefire’s motion book tool and after affects. I also learnt about photography such as how to use rule of thirds and what the basic shots are called, I learnt about layouts and how they have an impact on the reader, I learnt about audio with its foley sounds and ambient sounds. The feedback I received was that this gave me a very good bases for the next year.

For the second question, my strengths are creativity, drawing, the use of adobe photoshop, drawing on a graphics tablet, staying calm under pressure and I am able to stay very focus if it is a subject I enjoy or have interest in. My weaknesses are being dyslexic which I also consider a strength as it boost my creativity and helps me look at things in a different perspective however it does cause me to have spelling errors, I’m not able to stay very focused when I do not enjoy the subject I am working on. The feedback I received was that I should use this year to improve upon my weaknesses and strengthen my strengths.

For the third and forth question, my goals from the start of my first year are to improve my English and spelling, to find my own art style and work on it and discover what I would like to do in the future. After achieving them they did change to learn more about animation such as the software that is used, the techniques and the types of animation. Another goal is to learn more about figure drawing along with character design. The feedback I received was for this year I should push outside my own boundary and to use the FMP to focus on those goals.

For the last question, my short term career goals are to figure out whether I should go to university or an apprenticeship focusing on animation. Since I haven’t decided to go for a university or apprenticeship I have not mid term goals, however my long term goal is to secure a place in animation and to slowly work up to create my own show. The feedback I received was to look at market research, to talk to any animators and to look for a common path animators take towards the same goal I have.


From this I have decided to focus my projects around animation, along with using techniques in the project to further improve my strengths and weaknesses. I have also concluded that I need to do more research in universities and apprenticeships so that I can decide what I should do in the near future. I will also use my spare time to look into market research, try to talk to any animators and do research into a common path animators take towards the same main goal I have.


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