Unit 11

To begin with first day of my 2nd year on the course, I looked back on last year and answered some questions to see how I have progressed and receive feedback from each answer.


  • What did I learn?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • What did I enjoy?
  • What were my goals at the beginning of last year?
  • Did they evolve? Did they change?
  • What are my career goals now? (short term, mid term, long term)

Answers with feedback:

For the first question, I learnt how to use adobe photoshop, premier, illustrator, 3Ds Max, audacity, Madefire’s motion book tool and after affects. I also learnt about photography such as how to use rule of thirds and what the basic shots are called, I learnt about layouts and how they have an impact on the reader, I learnt about audio with its foley sounds and ambient sounds. The feedback I received was that this gave me a very good bases for the next year.


Evaluation for Interactive Promotional Video

For this project I had to create a interactive promotional video which will promote a side scrolling beat ’em-up that has an 80s theme and is called “streets of fury”. This would mean I would have to create a video with two different paths so I can give the viewer interactivity; I would also have create characters and a story to fit the beat ’em-up genre and the 80s theme.

The video:

Strengths and weaknesses

For the final outcome of this project, it had many strengths but also weaknesses; some strengths are that the video takes into accountant the video and sound quality of VHS tapes back in the 80s, this is because back in the 80s VHS tapes were very dominate in America which is where the beat ’em-up is set. The video uses two different colour pallets to show two different sides to the city and game, a light colourful place to show the good side of Venice Beach and a dark saturated place to show the dark side of Venice Beach.