Unit 10


Audience analyses (Unit 10 1.1, 1.2)

This week I did some audience analyse by looking at four different articles about it.

The articles have shown the audiences for crowdfunding, videogames and online video, here is what I learnt. Crowdfunding audiences seem to have more male than female, with indiegogo having 58% male and 42% female, and Kickstarter having 70% male and 30% female. The ages as well seem to be more young adults, also age almost always plays a large role with the audience when it comes to crowdfunding and everything else; the statistics show that most of the people that view crowdfunding seem to use mobile devices a lot less, however some still hold a large portion of the viewers on mobile which means they have to make sure their content is compatible on all screens.

Videogame audience for the UK make up 40% of population between the ages 6 to 64, consoles and PCs are the platforms most gamers play on, coming 3rd is smartphones, then tablets and then handhelds. 58% of UK gamers are male, 42% females and “There are 36.4m players in the UK, which is 57% of the total population”, which shows that more than half of the population in UK play video games.

For online video audiences, I learnt that mobile video have a big influence on what we buy, some YouTubers have a bigger influence over audiences than most celebrities, YouTube channel are growing a lot more quickly than they use to. All this means that YouTube and other online videos have become more influential to the audience over the years, meaning that commercials are having a better effect, along with also having YouTubers sponsor specific companies.

What surprised when reading through the articles was in the crowdfunding article, that 70% of Kickstarter audience are male. I wasn’t expecting there to be such a huge gape between the percentage of male and female since Kickstarter is not specific to a certain gender but is for all to use. What confused me more is the fact that Indiegogo had the sort of statistics that I was expecting, so now it has to be something with Kickstarter than the whole premise of crowdfunding.


Unit 9

My article on the contexts and characteristics of motion graphics and compositing

Looking back at how we used motion graphics and compositing before the digital era is quite interesting, such as the processes they had to undertake and the kind of technology they used. Such as when they wanted to change the background of a film, they would place a black matte in the area they wanted to change, this was sometimes done by placing a window in front of the camera and painting the area black. Once done  . Here is an example of matting used to show a train passing by a window and when it shows movement outside a train.