Development diary: week 10

Layer 2- 13th June (3.1)

For the beginning of this week I will begin on working on layer 2 for page 2, I will use the same techniques I used to create the other panels to create these panels. This would include drawing them out, getting them into Photoshop and adding colour, details and shading to them.

Here are the paper designs:

page 2 layer 2 drawn designHere are the finished designs:

complete layer 2For these panels they were created the same as the rest however I had create extra assets for these which were the speech bubbles as I have only been using the narrative box for the narrative dialogue up to now.

The first speech bubble is with a guard shouting, so I chose to create a spiky bubble as they known to be used for dialogue that is being shouted or screamed by the character

spiky bubble

I created this by creating a new group on the Photoshop file of page 2 layer one, this is because I would be able to make it the right size and thickness. I did this by creating a new group above the panel groups and then exporting that group once it was finished. I used this method to create the next speech bubble which is when the character is singing, so I decided to create a normal speech bubble and decide later whether it needs anything else.

speech bubble page 2 panel 5

I also decided to add an animation part to the 5th panel of page 2, this is when James (the main character) is found out. The animation would focus around James singing after the guard figures out who he is. I chose to have James facing upwards and his arm stretched out towards the sky, this would exaggerate his singing.

animation part

I used the same techniques like the last animated part to create this.

I also applied a different colour to a name in one of the speech bubbles, this was when the security guard identifies the main character. This would allow the view to remember the name of the main character.

higlighted text

Page 2 complete

Once I had all the assets for layer 2, I implemented them into Madefire’s motion book tool and added it to the 2nd page I was working on last week. Here are the results:


I believe the layer went very well, I was able to create the panels in good time with good quality and detail. I was also able to use a speech bubble technique which was to make a word or a selection words bold or a different colour, this would bring more attention to certain words or sentences, showing that it is important.


Page 3- 15th June to 16th June (3.1)

I will now begin to create page 3 two layers to implement into the motion book tool to turn it into an interactive comic. I will be again using the same techniques to create the panels and use new techniques to allow me to animate them in the scene.

I begin again by drawing out the panels and going over them with pen. I had to edit the template to make panel 3 of layer 1 separate to the other panels, this is because in the template panel 3 is overlapping panel 2, this stops me from being able export each panel separately.

Page 3 layer 1Page 3 layer 2

After that I began to colour and shade the panels, whilst adding small details that add to the environment and characters. I did the first two panels separately to the third so I could see both panels full; once the two panels were complete, I brought in the third panel and began on working on it.

page 3 layer 1 step 1

Before I began working on the third panel, I added some features to the first panel to have it make more sense. I added a dart on the side of his arm and added some bold Zs, this would exaggerate that the guard has been put to sleep by a tranquilizer.

page 3 layer 1 step 2

Here is layer 1 basic panels complete:

page 3 layer 1 step 3

I then began working on the animation parts for panel 2, this would allow panel 2 to transition to James tripping. I did this by creating a new group above the others and used the same colours and techniques to create a similar environment. I also added a sound effect text to show how startled the main character is from tripping, along with motion lines to show movement of the character falling and impact of his leg hitting behind his other leg.

page 3 layer 1 step 4

I also added a sound effect text to the third panel, along with more motion lines to again movement of the character falling and impacting the floor.

page 3 layer 1 step 5

The last step for layer 1 of page 3 was to add the speech bubbles for the panels, I did this by creating groups above the panels and creating them to fit the panels. I did them in the same Photoshop file so they would be the right size along with the panels when I exported each group. This also applies with the sound effect text.


Layer 2 

I began the layer 2 the same way, drawing in the templates and going it with pen to allow it to be easier to edit.

Page 3 layer 2

For the outline of the first panel of layer 2, I would have to put a lot more effort into it as the border of the panel is cut off the top. This is because when printing out the templates, it cut the top off the third panel, so instead of reprinting the template I chose to continue and fix it on Photoshop. I then began to add colour, details and shading to the panels.

page 3 layer 1 step 6

I also changed the outline of the panels by pushing the line at the bottom of the wall up, this is because it made it look more like a corridor with a split at the end than just a flat wall at the back. The next thing I did was to create the animated part I wanted for this layer, in this case making lights from touches come around the corner. To do this I first created the lights.

page 3 layer 2 step 7

I then duplicated panel 3 group of layer 2 into a new file, I then merged the group and took away the end of the corridor and then exported it (again like always for all files, exported as a PNG). I used the rectangular marquee tool to select the background and exported that, this would allow me to implement them both and align them to appear as a normal layer but they are separate layers. This allows me to have the lights slide out around the corner by placing the lights layer in between the panel 3 layers and using the move effect to have it slide out.

The last thing I did was to create the speech bubbles and thought bubbles for the panels and animate them all in the motion book tool.

Here is page 3 fully complete:


I believe the creation of page 3 went very well, I was able to achieve the good art work for each panel. The work I did in Madefire’s motion book tool for page three is done very well, it contains the most effects out of all the pages and the motion I have done for the page are done very well. The only improvement I would like to have made is that the techniques I use to create the panels can sometimes leave a colour border around the edges, usually I get rid of it however due to time restraints, I was in a rush and forgot to do so. There was also a problem I spotted when having the first layer fade out, along with panel 6 fading in, you can see the extra layers I placed over the panels for animated parts when they are fading. I do not know how to sort this and I do not have time to experiment and find out an answer, so I shall except it as one of the panels flaws.


Reflecting on the work for this week

I have produced good quality work over these days, I was able to create and finish pages 2 and 3, however I have decided to end the comic on page 3 due to time restraints. I was able to use the techniques I have learnt from last week to produce the content and assets quicker whilst also proving it to some degree such as with speech bubbles, I positioned them to correspond with how readers read, along with using a technique to draw the reader to a specific important word for a story. There are a couple of flaws with the panels, however I do not have time to solve them, lucky they are only minor and do not effect the quality of the comic.



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