Project proposal draft/Development diary: Week 5

Here is a link to the project proposal:

ProjectProposal draft improved more

Here are the slides from presenting my project proposal:

slide 1slide 2slide 3slide 4slide 5slide 6slide 7




2 thoughts on “Project proposal draft/Development diary: Week 5

  1. Jack, I have looked at your draft and there are several improvements that you could make. You need to make sure that your rationale puts your project in context. Why are you doing this and what do you hope to learn? Some of your comments about digital comics that you put in your project concept section actually belong in your rationale. Your concept section needs to be much more specific in terms of the work that you intend to produce. Please make sure that you refer to the questions and guidance again. Your evaluation section is good, but you need to consider when you will evaluate your project. Is it just at the end, or ongoing (it should be both)?


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