Development diary: week 2

Core skills and abilities (1.1)

My specialist area

My specialist areas would be a 2D artist, script writer, concept artist and storyboard creator.

2D artist:

I chose the 2D artist because I have always enjoyed drawing and creating 2D art when I was a kid, I was also inspired from the cartoons I watched like “adventure time”, “Batman” and “Justice League” and how those shows styles vary; I would like to further improve my drawing skills and style when working on the final major project.

Personal skills: adaptability, good eye for colour, good understanding of 2D, perspective skills, creativity and how layers work in 2D.

Interpersonal skills: good communication, teamwork and flexibility.

Technical skills: drawing skills, Photoshop skills, 2D design and photo manipulation.

Adventure Time (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 22 June 2016).

Script writer:

I chose script writer because I enjoy creating stories that range across being very in depth to stories that are random and funny, I was inspired by the humour written for the shows “Family Guy”, Rick & Morty” and “Archer”, but one show that inspired me the most is the script writing for the anime “Space Dandy”; I would like to further improve my humour in my scripts by working on my script writing skills in my final major project.

Personal skills: Creativity, good understanding of written language, able to transfer ideas into written language, organisational

Interpersonal skills: Good communication, teamwork, leadership and management.

Technical: Good understanding of script writing programs, understanding of script writing terms.

Concept artist:

I choose concept artist because enjoy creating characters with interesting features and environments that are out of this world, this mainly because of seeing other concept art from games, seeing the culture they create and how it evolves around the world they have created; the main source of my inspiration with concept art is from the concept art of Bioshock; I would like to see how concept art is created and how I shall do it for my final major project.

Personal skills: Initiative, good eye for colour, good colour placement, creativity, good understanding of 2D prespective, good understanding of bodylanguage

Interpersonal skills: Communication, teamwork

Technical skills: Drawing, Photoshop, photo manipulation, lighting

1959.jpg (2010) Available at: (Accessed: 22 June 2016).

Storyboard artist:

I choose storyboard artist because I like creating body language for my characters, this because I can put their emotion and personality into their walk, pose and how they look. I was inspired by Disney’s storyboards as they show how character is feeling and how they act very well.

Personal skills: Organisation, understanding of body language, understanding of movement, understanding of 2D prespective

Interpersonal skills: Teamwork, communication, management

Technical skills: Drawing, 2D design, polishing up sketches on software

Warehouse, C.F. (no date) Cinematography references. Available at: (Accessed: 22 June 2016).


I believe the task I have done went very well, I was able to learn what skills I could use for my FMP and what I can chose to learn for doing my FMP; I have also discovered what technical skills I need and the interpersonal skills I may have to use. This will help me further more decide on what I should do for my FMP based on skill and what I need to learn and improve in skill-wise and technology-wise.


Toolbox (1.1)

This week we created a mind map of the software and hardware that the specialist areas we picked needed and answered the following questions for each software/hardware we mention. The questions were what do they need it?, why do they need and how does it help?

Here is the mind map:

mind map of software and hardware

I have learnt from this, what kind of software and hardware I am going to be using for the final major project and how they will help me to create the interactive comic. I believe that some of the mind map need some improving on context but it is able to achieve it’s purpose.


I believe this task went very well as I was able to learn about what software and hardware I may need to use for my FMP and whether there are other software I should consider using. This will help me to decide on what software and hardware i should use for my FMP, along with if there are specific software and hardware I should use for specific thing in my FMP, such as script writing, I may use celtx.


Trumpcard (1.1)

The task I was given was to create profiles of our specialist areas and style the profiles like trump cards, for each trump card we had to have the following content: their job role and responsibilities, their qualifications, their key skills and their experiences.

Here are the cards:

Trump card profile 2D artist Trump card profile concept artist Trump card profile Script writer Trump card profile storyboard artist

Here are the sources for each profile picture of each trump card:

1st trump card:

anonymous and Alexander, E. (2013) The 5 guys you’ll meet at tufts. Available at: (Accessed: 22 June 2016).

2nd trump card:

Beauty girl wallpaper full photos #2hxu30b14f (2016) Available at: (Accessed: 22 June 2016).

3rd trump card:

Hossain, S. (2016) Dinty W. Moore: Writer guy – the writer. Available at: (Accessed: 22 June 2016).

4th trump card:

(No Date) Available at: (Accessed: 22 June 2016).

This was accessed on the 22nd of April and the 25th of April.


I believe the task went very well as I have learnt what skills and responsibilities I will have to take when working on the FMP. I can apply this to my FMP by practicing on the skills that I would need for FMP and finding the best way to achieve the responsibilities I would have to take.


The visual language of comics (2.1)

This week I did some research into the visual language of comics and used that information to create an infography. I used the pdf files of Neil Cohn’s book “The visual Language of comics” as they were the only source of information related to what I wanted to know.

The visual language of comics

The sources of the information:

Neil Cohn. (2012). Comics, Linguistics, and Visual Language: The past and future of a field. Available: Last accessed 24/04/2016.


From creating the visual language infography, this was a little time consuming so I shall only create infographys if I need to show examples with pictures. I learnt what visual research I have to undertake for the visual language such as graphetics, photology (visual-graphic analogues to phonetics and phonology), morphology, semantics, multimodality and acquisition. I plan to either buy or borrow The visual languages of comics book so I may do more research into it, I also intend to research all the things above so I can apply that knowledge to create a comic that follows these laws for the FMP.


Career Plan (2.1)

This week I did a career plan, this shows which directions I will and might go for the future of my career and also shows my end goal.

career plan infography

Detail explanation for career plan

Its starts of with where I am now, Canterbury College, doing interactive media; the next two are work experience and portfolio, this is because I must have these set up if I want to enter university as it shows how capable I am and will help me get into the university of my choosing. The current university I am looking at is Full sail university which is in America, however this may not be the one I shall attend as the apprenticeship I want to do is located in England, so may choose a university in London, the course I want to do is something to do with animation.

Now as I am attending a university I may have to acquire a job or some way of earning money to pay for my living expenses; I have a distinction in catering and hospitality service, so I will be able to use my qualifications to get a catering job. However I can also use the skills and qualifications I have earned from interactive media to get freelancing jobs or something in the media business. The apprenticeship I have my eye on is Viacom international media networks, which is a paid apprenticeship and has a NVQ level 3 in creative & digital media  qualification. This would allow me to create connections into big media companies like nickelodeon which are also an animation network, hence forth why connections is on the career path.

After finishing University and the apprenticeship, will try to get into the animation industry and get a job, once I have one and have gotten a lot of experience in creating animation I shall create my own show as that is my final goal up to now.

I believe this career path is well done as it shows the kind of path I’m going to take and what my end goal is for my career at this point, however the career path could be improved by adding more detail such as what universities, what apprenticeships, etc.


This task has gone very well as I have learnt where my career path might go, such as if I’ll go to a university, will I have a Job, etc. This will help me to focus my FMP to something that may be based on what I wish to do in the future, such as if I want to be a director, I should go for something that has directing skills involved like making a  video.


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