Production diary: Week 10

Wood texture

This week I created a wood texture to make the dossier look like it is laying on a table; my team applied this texture behind every page that was showing the dossier and also applied it to the section selection page.

To create this I first opened Photoshop and selected the gradient tool, I changed the colour to brown and had reflection selected, I then dragged it across the screen and adjusted it the way I wanted it to be. I then opened gradient editor, choose noise and the colour I wanted it to be which was a darker brown; once I had that then dragged it over, squeezing it together. After that I added a colour overlay which was a dark red, bringing out more colour into the wood texture; the last thing I did was add little damages into the wood texture, I did this by placing a damaged wood texture into a new layer and having the layer as and overlay.

wood texture

Creating the section selection page

This Week I created the section selection page for the dossier, this page would take the view to each section of the dossier, these section would be the Napoleon’s section, Weapons, Science and The Grand Army.

To create this, I first opened the wood texture in Photoshop to make it the main background, I then brought in one of the png dossier pictures, copied the image and spread them out like if they were scatted on a table, this is what we will use to select each section. I then  used the drop shadow effect to add a small shadow under each dossier, making them seem more 3D, instead of being 2D

Section selection satges 1

I then when it 3Ds max and took another render image of the audio device I made, I rendered it from the top perspective so it would match the angle of the dossiers I put in. I then put the PNG image of the model, an angled it so it would be poking out in the top left hand corner. Once I finished angling it, I added a drop shadow effect to it as well, but increased the distance of the shadow as the audio device has a bigger height than the dossiers, meaning it blocks more light. The last feature I added was text on each dossier, this would label what button (dossier) would lead to which section, that way the audience will know where each folder would taken.

Section selection satges 2

Evaluation of the week

As it was the last week, I didn’t really have much to do as everything I needed done was completed last week, which means I could easily put out any other extra work for the dossier in good quality which turned out to be the section selection page and the wood texture.

Reflecting on the section selection page; I believe that it was very well done, this is because I was able to put a lot of detail into the section selection page, adding shadows to each object on the table and keeping in mind how the length of the shadow is effected by the height and length of the object. Along with that I was able to focus more time in the layout of the dossiers and the audio device, making sure they were placed in the style I wanted (which was messy) and taking in the account of the selection box that would go around each dossier, so no selection boxes overlapped in InDesign.

Reflecting on the wood texture I created; I think was able to create a pretty realistic texture that actually looks like a table, this is because the texture looks like it has damage as well as it looks like it is a very well polished table because of how it reflects light. However I believe I could have improved it further if I would have spent more time on creating it, such as improving the placement of the damage on the wood, this can be done by not having the big damage spots so clustered and having a couple more higher up on the texture.


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