Production skills: Week 9

Photoshop pattern

This week, when creating the map for my section of the dossier, I was taught how to use the patterns tool on photoshop. I applied this skill to create a map of the countries that the French and the risetence are located, instead of using plane colours, I used a pattern for the French to make the map more visually pleasing.

A creative problem I faced was, when trying to use the risetence’s flag, it had a symbol which means that the flag would multiply over a multiple countries which was not the kind of effect I was aiming for. However I was able to solve this by just using the colour the flag instead of the symbol to show what countries are taken over. What I would have done differently was, I should have only selected the main countrie they reside in which is America and only applie the flag to it, then for the other countries use the main colour of the flag, this way the flag wouldn’t repeat over the other countries.


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