Production diary: Week 9

World map 

This week I created a world map of what countries Napoleon has taken over and where the risetence is located. This will be implemented into the Plan page for my section; to create it I got an image of a world map and then used the colour replacement tool to turn its colour into a light brown to make it more paper like. I then used another team’s map to map out how much Napoleon has taken over, along with where the risetence are located; I used Joel’s map so we can keep it consistent between the groups.

After mapping out everything, I used the magic wand to select the parts that Napoleon has taken over and used the pattern tool to have a French flag on all the parts Napoleon has. I then asked for the risetence’s flag from the team working that fraction and did the same however it did not work as well as the french flag so I used the flags colour instead of the flag. I then placed a key so the viewer would understand the map better and then implemented it into the dossier.

Finishing textures

The last thing I did with the textures was improve the metal texture for the audio devices case; to improve the texture I used what I learnt from improving the aluminium rolls metal texture with the specular map.

What did was used noise to create lots of dotes, then used …….. which made the noise blur in a vertical direction, making it look metallic because it looks like brushed metal. I then saved the texture in a different save file and then placed in the specular map for the case texture which then improve the texture to look more metal like.

Implementing audio device 

Once I had finished texturing the audio device I started implementing into the dossier; to do this I first positioned the perspective window on 3Ds Max to get a good angle of 3D model. I then pressed F9 to bring up a rendered image of the perspective I had on the 3D model, I then saved the image as a PNG so there was no background when put into the dossier. I then lowered the button, keeping the perspective the same and then rendered a image of that; this will allow me to have a little animation of the button being pressed in the dossier, again I saved it as a PNG.

Once I had both images ready, I created a frame just under the written content and place the PNG image of the audio device, then I used fit content to frame to place the image in the middle of the frame. After adding the first image, I created another frame that was the same size as the last and placed the PNG image of the audio device with the button pressed.

After implementing the images, I began to work on making the button press when clicked on and be able to play the voice log when pressed, however I did not know what technique I should use to do this. I first started by having a simple rollover, when the image is being hovered over by the mouse the button would press but I later decided to have the audio device have a play and pause button. This caused some problems as when you hover over the image, the button would press but when you hover over the button it would go back to being not pressed.

After many attempts of making the button press when clicked on or hovered over, using multiple button, states and hidden until triggered, I decided to just have the one image, allowing the viewer more control over the audio log.

Editing voice log 

This week I worked on editing the voice log I recorded; what I did was first take out all the errors I made in the recording, I then equalized it twice and then used level to it, that way it sounded like it was coming from an old speaker device and was recorded with and old fashion mic. I then added a brownian noise to amplify how new the technology is and how they haven’t been able to prefect it.

After that, I began adding all the sound effects, such as the noises that the audio recording device made and the sounds that came from Napoleon’s apparatus on his back keeping him alive. I equalized all the sound effects so they all sound like they are coming from the same recording and then reduced the noise on some of the sounds like the clicking sound for the audio recording device.

One sound effect I had a little difficulty with is the pump sound, when recording the sound, I had the pumps nozzle pointed towards the mic which causes a very loud wind noise to be blown into the mic. I was able to sort this by adjusting the equalization so it would cut most of the air gushing noise and be able to hear the pump much more clearly. I also cut out some of the squeaking noise the pump made from each pump, making it sound less like a toy and more of an actual air pump.

I decided to remove one sound effect for Napoleon’s device as I thought that if I were to include it, the voice log would have to many sounds and would become harder to listen too. Once I had finished all the sound effects, I used the repeat tool to make the sound continues till the end of the voice log.

Implementing health records

Over last weekend I filled in the health record templates I made and created a sketch of the apparatus that is keeping napoleon alive; once I returned back into college I scanned in the templates and drawings so I could implement them into the dossier, in the health record section. Once I had implemented all the pictures I lined them up and turned them in a little slide show using states to change the pictures.

Evaluation of the week

This week was productive however a lot of time was wasted from either my lack of knowledge and just using trial & error to figure out how to create certain thing, along with not having access to computers with the updated version of InDesign. However I was able to get a lot done and it could be said that I have finished my section but I would like to improve a one things before I hand over my section to my teammates. The “thing” is the audio device in the voice log section, I would like it if the button would press on the audio device when they press the button to play the voice log. The only problem is I do not know how to do this, next week I will ask my tutor if he knows how, if not I will research it and if that fails then I’ll have to leave it how it is.

Reflecting on the world map I created; it was well done, it used the flags of each fraction to show where they are located on the world map and use a simple key to allow the viewer to be able to read the map properly. However it can be improved by using the risetence’s flag on the main country they reside in and for the other countries they are in have the main colour of the flag. This would give the map a more visual pleasing effect.

Reflecting on improving the 3D model’s texture; I believe it went very well, this is because I was able to achieve the metal look I wanted for the case of the audio device. It was able to look like it was metal brushed and had a shine to it like most metals.

Reflecting on implementing the audio device into the dossier; I believe it went well but not as much as I wanted it to. This is because I wanted the button to more than just a still picture, I wanted it to have a little bit of animation so the audio device would be more visually pleasing to the audience. But because my lack of knowledge of InDesign I was not able to achieve that from last week; what I should have done to achieve this is to do research into this matter on the web and ask my tutor whether it is possible.

Reflecting on editing the voice log; I believe it went pretty well, I was able to create a convincing voice log by Napoleon with only technology they have just discovered and have not perfected yet. I was able to use the sounds correctly and was able to tell when to stop with the sound effects otherwise it would sound very clustered and noise, making it harder to understand Napoleon. Along with that I was also able to make it so the listener could hear the apparatus that was keeping Napoleon alive and was able to make the audio device sound very clankey and mechanical.

Reflecting on implementing the health records; I am pretty pleased with how I did it, allowing the viewer to see all the pictures without any problems. However one feature that could use some improving is the drawings for the apparatus, the colour is a little light which could be improved if it was darken a little in either photoshop or just drawn over again to make it darker then scan it in again.


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