Production skills: Week 8


This week I continued to create and improve textures, however the skills I learnt was from improving the metal texture for the aluminium roll. The skills I learnt were how to add a metal brush to the metal texture, making it look more metallic and shiny; I applied these skills to the aluminium roll that was for the audio device that would go into the dossier. A creative problem I had was that I didn’t know how to do this, however this was solved by asking the teacher on to create a better metal texture. The one thing I should have done differently is when the teacher was teaching me on how to create, I should have taken notes so that way I could repeat the process correctly with out having to remember and make mistakes on the way to creating it.

Hidden buttons on InDesign

This week I was able to learn how to create buttons that once you highlight over would change its look, I applied this to the dossier to make the buttons for the icons on the bottom left and right. A creative problem I faced was when trying to figure out how to make the button activate when hovered over or trigged by the mouse, I was able to solve this by trial and error. I did research into how to create it but what was in the instructions was wrong as it says your suppose to have the “do not appear until trigged” ticked, however this was what was causing the main problem of it not triggering. I would have liked to be more quicker in figuring out how to create the button type quicker but there was nothing I could do, I researched it and I asked the teacher for help but only trial and error was able to solve this solution.


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