Production diary: Week 8

Starting dossier on InDesign 

The start of this week, I went straight to work on the layout of the dossier in InDesign; first I placed each background for each page, I could not use the master pages because on each page’s background would change. The change will be on the tabs on the dossier background, this would indicate what page the user is on. After that I started placing frames and titles into each page, mapping out what each individual page is and the layout it has; once I had my layouts done, I started to implement the content I created last week.

The first thing I tried to implement was the cartoon icons I did last week, placing a pair of happy and angry icons which I will turn into buttons later on. I then started to implement the titles into each tab as images; how I did this was I went into publisher and created a textbox, I then used the font I wanted and typed in the title, I highlighted the text and then saved it as a image. I later on turn these images into buttons that would allow the user to jump to pages they want in an instant.

Continuing texturing 

I again continued to texture the 3D model that I have been working on. This week I was able to texture the buttons on the audio device, by using some simple techniques, I was also able to texture the motor that turned the aluminium rolls which I might improve later on and I was able to texture the aluminium rolls, which I have improved.

To improve the aluminium roll, I created a new save to the texture and renamed it, I then merged all the layer and created a new layer. I then added noise to the layer and then used …. to redirect the noise to go in a vertical pattern. I then saved and applied this texture to the … in the textures maps, this way the texture looks a lot like metal as it has metal brush marks on it.

Written content

This week I wrote up the written content for my section of the dossier this contained a biography, medical research, an audio log introduction and a description of Napoleon’s plan for the world. For the medical research for the health record page, I talked to Steven who is handling the science section for the dossier. This because I needed to know how far the timelines science has gone as this would effect how far they have come with medical practices and medicine.

After understanding how far their research has taken them I wrote up the health records content and let Steven go through it, so that the science and the health record were on the same level of scientific research and if there were any mistakes I made in the paragraphs.

When implementing the written content, I first discussed with my team of what font we will all use for the written content, that way we could keep consistent through the sections of the dossier. After showing each other a couple of different examples we went with Viner Hand. I was able to it all the written content into each section at a reasonable size except for the written content in the health record section. So to sort this with out making the text smaller, I made separate text boxes for each paragraph, then placed them over each other and select them all. I then opened the state window and made them all into separate states and created to buttons to move through the states, this way the user can go through all the written content in order and the text doesn’t need to be made smaller.

Improving cartoon icons 

This week I chose to improve the happy cartoon icon’s head to be the same shape as the angry cartoon icon’s head, this is because when the angry and happy icons are placed over each other the angry icon is bigger making them not able to be over lapped. This be a problem as when I try to create a button that would stay invisible until activated when they click where the happy icon is they would still see the happy icon under. To fix this I got the happy icons face and copied it over the angry icons head, I then arranged it to fit and then exported it as a PNG to implement into the dossier.

Self reflection of the week 

This week went very well, I made a lot of progress on my section in InDesign, I was able to implement the all the buttons and a couple others and I was able to implement the written content as well. I was also able to solve a creative problem that came up very well, this was when I was trying to implement the written content into the health record section. Using the knowledge I have learnt for InDesign to use states to show all the written content without having to change its font size.

Refelcting on the texturing I did this week; I was able to apply a couple textures to the model, but these were very basic textures, except for one texture. This was the motor for the aluminium roll, so it would spin the roll; I feel like I might need to improve a couple textures as they are a bit plane, like how I improved he aluminium roll to look more like metal. So this week I feel like I have done alright but I could have done better, so next I will be improving a couple of textures and using the techniques I have learnt from last week to achieve this.

Reflecting on the written content I did; I believe I have done very well with it, this is because I did some research into Napoleon before hand and talked to the others so the written content matched up with the other parts of the dossier. I was also able to get one of the team members to proof read it before hand, however I should have got them to proof read all of the written content to make sure there were no mistakes, I will do this next week.

Reflecting on the improvements I made on the cartoon icon; I was able to improve the icon to fit under the other icon very well and was able to do this in a small period of time. This is great as it leaves me more time to work on the dossier and other assets I need, meaning this was a very successful improvement to the icon.



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