Production skills: Week 7


This week the skills I learnt were how to use illustrator tools to create icons and thumbnails, these tools include the pen tool, the shape tool and how to use the layers properly. I applied these skills to digitize the thumbnail icons I want in the dossier for the project; these skills can help me for future projects or if I need to create more digital versions of the thumbnails for this project. It also allows me to create more icons because of the skills I learnt using the pen tool as that is the main tool to use to create icons.

A creative problem I found was that I didn’t know how to properly use the pen tool, such as how set a anchor on the same line so you have more freedom when drawing it. I solved this by asking a fellow student (Josh) on a couple of key things I need to know when using the pen tool. What I would do differently is that I should have asked Josh before I started using the pen tool for the first thumbnail I did, that way there wouldn’t be as many mistakes and I would have finished the first thumbnail a lot quicker.


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