Production diary: Week 7

At the beginning of the week, we came together to convene and discuss on what we have done so far, what we need to do and assigning each other work that needs to be done. Today, set myself to finalising wire-frames, digitizing the thumbnails of the navigation icons and writing up the content and script.

Finalising wire-frames for my section

After the group decided to have four pages for each section, I decided to finalise the wire-frames by using the old wire-frame and applying it’s style and it’s content across the four pages. From the previous layout I decided on the content of each page which was the biography of Napoleon, a health document summary of Napoleon, an audio log by Napoleon and Napoleon’s plans for the world.

I believe that the layouts I have done fit very well with the kind of dossier we are making, this is because I have accounted for where each icon would go, where images would be placed and the right size of the images, having big frames for images with important and interesting content and placing the text content in the right places so they would correspond to the images.

Digitizing the thumbnails 

This week, I decided to digitize my thumbnails that in drew for the interactive icons which will be used to change the pages left to right, corresponding to the tabs above. To digitize them, I placed a picture of both of them into illustrator and traced along the outline of the drawings with the pen tool, once finished I took each one separately out and put them into photoshop and gave the thumbnails colour and shading.

angry cartoon napoleon  colour new happy cartoon napoleon  colour

3D modelling for the audio device

I decided this week with the others that would create a 3D model of an audio device that we can use for the voice logs that will be in the dossier, this would make the dossier’s audio feature have a little more sense instead of audio coming from a button. I started by drawing some thumbnail ideas for the audio device, I began with working out the size and shape of the audio device which was a slightly rounded rectangle. Once I had a base for the model, I discussed on what the media was made out of which we decided on tin foil rolls.

I then started work on how it would work, I first decided to have two tin foil rolls connect to each other and a needle sticking over the middle of the connection. Once the first thumbnail was finished, I thought that the design was a little to fragile and could easily be broken, so I choose to have the tin foil go through the machine and have the needle inside, that way the needle wouldn’t break as easily.

Once I had a design, I started work right away; for the tin foil rolls I used a normal cylinder but added more segments to it so it looked more rounded and smooth when rendered. To create the foil coming of the roll, I placed a segment with quick loop tool, very closely with another segment in the right place and extruded the small polygon section and placed it in the general area I wanted it to be.

For the base of the audio device, I created a box and then bevelled the top slightly; I then used a couple of boxes to place imprints into the main base of the audio device, I then deleted the insides of the imprints so it left a hole in the base, this where the tin foil media would enter and exit out of the model. After that I added a shell to the model so that way when you look at it at a angle the case won’t look completely flat; I then used the imprint tool to add some holes for the speaker of the device, this way I could create holes again. However this caused some problems as when I deleted the imprints, the shell walls around the imprints deleted, this meant that you could see in between the shells walls. This was solved by using the border tool and selecting the border of the top and the shell then capping it; the problem wouldn’t have arise if I did the imprints first then add a shell.

For the holders for the tin foil rolls, I used a cylinder and stretched the bottom by selecting the bottom of cylinder with the polygon tool and used the move tool to stretch; I then used the scale tool to widen the bottom and flatten it. I used the same technique with the motor attached to one of the holds but used it at the end of the process; to create that I again used a normal cylinder but used bevel and the extrude tool to shape it to look more like a motor then used the same technique I used for the holders. Last of all I placed a plane under holes for the speaker, that way I could apply a texture to so it looks like the model has insides, instead of being empty.

script writing 

The last thing I did for this week was improved my script that I made in the post-production, so it would be a lot better and wouldn’t be restricted as much by a time frame as previously the script was restricted to being 30 seconds long. To started I copied everything from the last script and place into a new script file on cletx, that way I could keep the original and use the old script as a base to create much more improved script. This time in the script I included what I had originally planned for the first script but couldn’t because of the time restriction; What I wanted was to have a messenger enter Napoleons chambers and tell that the scientist has finish the secret weapon and would like for him to attend a test fire.

Self-reflection of the week

This week has been quiet productive, I have been mainly working on the assets for my section of the dossier, however I did not do any of the text content for my section which I am hoping to work on next week but this is okay as the work I have done this week, I can not do back home until next week.

Reflecting on my wire frames I finalised this week; I was able to produce good quality wireframes under a small amount of time, which helps as it gave me more time to work on the assets that day. They had clear annotations which explained what each piece of the layout would be and how it would be used for the dossier, a couple of annotations may have needed a little bit more improvement on its explanation but because I have a clear vision of what I want, they only serve as a reminder and so they don’t need more explanation for me.

Reflecting on digitizing my thumbnails I did this week; I was able to produce the digital versions of the thumbnails at a good pace but was a little slow at the start as was using illustrator for the first time and only knew a couple of tools from the other similar programs. Now comparing both thumbnails, the second thumbnail I digitized was more well done than the first, this is because I was able to learn all the mistakes I learnt from the first one. These mistakes include how to properly use the pen tool and how use layers on illustrator; I have thought about redoing the first thumbnail but it is an okay thumbnail, along it is not the most important thing I need to work on, so I shall leave it for now.

Reflecting on my work on the 3D model of the audio device; I have finished on model the actual model but I was not able to finish all the textures this week, so my work speed on 3d modelling might need some improvements as I was expecting have at least finished one texture finished and be working on another texture. However the model is quiet complicated so that may be the reason why it took so long. The model overall is well done, taking into account the type of media it would use, how it would work and what would be the best and capable design for it.

Reflecting on my work on the script; I believe that the improvements I made to the script are a little small as I only added a little bit of content at the end of script and haven’t changed anything else from the previous script. Later on this week, I shall work on the script back at home and further improve it by adding more and changing the content from the previous script.



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