Production skills: Week 6

3D modelling

This week we worked more on the tesseract model. The skills I learnt from this are how to add ripples and noise to a plane, how to attach a collective group of objects to one object, how to select individual objects once all of them are attached, how to animate an object to rotate continuously and how to render it all in jpeg images and AVI video.

I applied these skills to further improve my tesseract, so that the planes within the cube look better and to have a video of the tesseract rotating, along with images of each frame of the rotating tesseract. I can apply these skills to the project by animating 3D objects (like the old fashioned speaker device) to put into the dossier, making it more visually pleasing for the viewer.

A creative problem I had was that when rendered, the animated textures don’t look like they are actually animated, this is because the textures were grouped quit close together, so when they alternate they don’t seem to change. How I can solve this is to space out the textures more and maybe improve its placement within the tesseract. What I would have done differently is again spread out the planes and arrange them better, but also I would make the textures more brighter and less clustered with more gaps in the texture, to allow it to meld more with the other planes with the same texture.

Design document for the project

Design document infomation


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