Production diary: Week 5

Preparing for the presentation

This week we worked more on the presentation, Ben continued working on putting the assets and improving the power point. As for the rest of team including me, we worked on creating scripts for each of our sections; I had seven slides to write a script for so I started work by writing down what each slide contain, so there was two mood boards, navigation icon ideas, thumbnails and two profiles.

I then began working on the script, here is what I wrote:

Slide 1 (mood board for Napoleon page)


Here is a mood board I made for the page I am working on which is the Napoleon page. On this mood board it shows the contents of what I want and how I want it to look like, such as the Health document here shows that I want a health document that has scribbled notes and diagrams of the body. This what I created when we had to create drafts for the other teams to create the pages, so we could practice on creating drafts and following them; I chose to use this because it is exactly what I want.

Slide 2 (Mood boards for fashion and power container)


I also designed another mood board based on the fashion of Napoleon’s military, this shows what clothing Napoleon’s army wore, back when he was in power. This shows the colours they wear, their coat of arms on their clothing and how each rank’s clothing varies to its rank; on the far top left is how I picture what Napoleon’s military clothing looks like in the alternate timeline, we will use when designing military clothing in the future.

Slide 3 (Navigation Icon ideas)


Theses icons were created when doing one of the task we given when learning about navigation and interaction. We will use what we learned from creating these icons to create an easy navigational dossier.

Slide 4 (thumbnails)


As we were coming with ideas for the navigation we came up with a quirky to turn the pages on the dossier by using two cartoon faces of napoleon, one calm and one angry to show the two personalities that Napoleon is well know for.

Slide 6 (profile 1)


This is a newspaper I designed to hold some information on Napoleon whilst looking nice. We will use this to implement information about Napoleon onto the dossier; as the information is a mix of our facts of napoleon and facts from the alternate timeline.

Slide 7 (profile 2)


This another profile I created which is like the previous profile but with less info and is more focused on his psychology, which I will use when working on his biography of napoleon.

Evaluation of Script 

I believe I did very well, I was able to describe what I wanted for my page and how each item relates on dossier pages. However the last couple of sections are not as descriptive as the first ones, but in the end I only used the script as a remind when talking about each slide which means what i should have done was write notes for each slide so I could easily be able to say everything I wanted for each slide.


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