Production skills: Week 3

3D modelling 

This week I continued to improve my 3D modelling skills and pick up some new skills as well. The model we created this week was a old electric generator that was used to create electricity a long time ago.


The new skills I have learned are the being able to chamfer and learning more about the different ways I can extrude an object, along with different ways I can bevel. I applied these skills to create the 3D model and to round some of the edges of the 3D model, making it look more accurate to the picture. I had a organisational problem whilst creating the 3D model, when note taking, I missed a step that would have taken me to smoothing groups; I was able to solve that problem by asking my fellow students for a help. Next time I shall face towards the teacher when note taking, so I can hear properly and be able to look at the screen whilst note taking.


This week we practiced on creating a script for the dossier we are making for the project. This script will be used to record the voice logs in the dossier we are creating; before I began writing I discussed with my team on what characters we were doing, once we knew who we were doing, I did some research into Napoleon’s psychology.


(This is a mind map on what characters we want in the dossier and their characteristics)


(Notes on Napoleon’s psychology and the psychology of a power mad man, then a mind map of how Napoleon will act in the voice log)

The skills I learn from this are using the program celtx, I used this to create the script for Napoleon; I can apply these skills to when I need to create script for future projects. I was not able to continue writing the script on the program

Flow charts 

another task we were given this week was to create a flow chart based on a virtual tour of the college; we had to create one by ourselves, then return to our groups and create another flow chart improving it from our previous mistakes.

The skills I learnt from this is how create flow charts, along with using all the correct key icons to show how the flow chart worked. I applied this when given the task to create a virtual tour of the college and I can apply these skills when creating the virtual dossier’s navigation. A problem I had when creating the flow chart was that it was very linear, which I was able to fix when creating another one with the group. Next time I will take in account whether I want the flow chart to be linear or non-linear.


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