Production skills: Week 1

3D modelling 

For the first week, the skills I have learned are more advanced texturing skills and animation of textures for 3D models in 3Ds Max. I applied these skills to create a tesseract that resonates when the animation is played, I did this by making the texture illuminate; I can apply these skills to more 3D models that are powered by tesseract power or containers of tesseract power and I will also be able to animate other 3D models if I wish. When creating the tesseract’s textures for the insides of it, I made them a bit too dark, which caused them to be very hard to see when inside the tesseract. I solved this by making textures brighter in Photoshop; what I would do differently is when making the texture, I should make a little less intense so it would look more cloudy when more planes with these textures are put inside the 3D model tesseract.



One thought on “Production skills: Week 1

  1. Jack, there are no screen shots here and there is no discussion of work on audio production or interactivity (Units 5 and 7). Where are your production problems mind maps? Where is your work on deconstructing Little Red Riding Hood?


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