Production diary: week 1

Introduction to project

On the first week we were shown a little movie which explained the timeline we would be using to make dossiers for the project. The timeline was that Napoleon discovered the Tesseract, which he used to make his army more powerful and allowed him to live longer and take over most of the world. We were also told that three fractions exist in this timeline, Napoleon and his army, the resistance and the spies.

Next we were given what fractions we would be working on in the project. My team were given the faction Napoleon, which we will base our dossier on.


We first did research on the historically famous people who were involved in the war, of course we researched napoleon. We researched what their full name is, there date of birth, the events they have been in (historical events like wars), likes, dislikes, relationships, status, goals, education, groups and personality. Once all the information we needed to research collected, each member made a fake social media account on photoshop, using Napoleon as the main subject. Ben did Facebook, Jozef did Twitter, Steven did YouTube and I did Instagram.

I also created mood boards in the same week. As a group we decided what kind of mood board we each would create based on what certain things would look like in the dossier we were making; I created a mood board on what Napoleon’s military clothing looked like and what it may evolve into. This included what their clothing looked like, the symbols they had, the colours and how each ranking’s clothing looked like; I also showed an example of how it would look like when modified by tesseract power.


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