Unit 1: Advanced texturing

For this, I learnt how to make advanced texturing on a plane a and place it in unreal and see how light effects it, we were taught this so we can use this information to make textures in the future more realistic and advanced for our virtual environments we make in the future.

We started by making a plane in 3Ds max that measured a 100 cm by 100 cm, I then picked a texture a liked from the website Textures.com. This is the texture i picked:


I then opened Photoshop and made the canvas 512 by 512 pixels and put the texture into Photoshop, I then saved the image and called it a diffuse texture. Once I saved it, I then returned back to 3Ds max and applied it as a diffuse map texture on the plane, I then went back to Photoshop and started to work on the specular map. I first turned the texture black and white by desaturating the image, I the reversed black and white and the adjusted the level of how much black or white was on the image. Once I did that I save it as a specular map, this is the specular map:

specular map

Once save I placed it in the specular map for the 3D model and then changed the glossiness to 40, this gave the model some shine on it.  After that I started working on the bump map which we renamed as a normal map,  on Photoshop there is a plugin called xNormal. I changed the smoothness on it and then save it and applied it to the 3D model, this is the normal map:

normal map

Once I had all the maps for the texture applied and then started to export it so I could apply it to the Unreal engine, I cleared all the materials except the diffuse and specular maps, then export with smoothing on, triangulate and embedded media.

Texture floor fully complete

I then started up the unreal engine and imported my 3D model into it, I then opened up the material and put both the normal and specular into it, connecting specs and then scaled the model bigger. I then messed around with the unreal engine’s lighting to see if it works and it does.


I believe it went very well when making the texture, it has just the right amount of roughness without it being too much and the shine is just right, not too much as it is only a concrete floor which nearly has no shine at all. I think I will be able to master advance texturing in the future and have a further understanding of it.


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