Unit 4: Debate on whether digital media and user generated content has changed the production and consumption of media.

On 06/11/2015 the class had a debate on whether digital media and user generated content has changed the production and consumption of media, which means has the viewing of media and how we create media changed through the developing of new technology. I was the counter argument along with Luke for the group that is arguing for the statement.

Before we began the debate everyone was given a chance to do some research and collect facts to fight for or against the statement. Me and my partner Luke, first used our experiences with media and what we have learnt about media; Luke first showed me how he visited the BBC news headquarters and was told that they have two sections of research, one was traditional research, the other was using social media to collect data and news.

After that we did secondary research on websites and got results on how Internet has risen in popularity over the years and show how news papers have dropped in sales. We did more secondary research on the sales of technology, we found tables showing that more mobile devices are being sold than any other product like TVs or PCs, this is because we like our media to be easily accessable and able to fit with are daily lives. Once we collect all our research we placed into a power point to present.

The debate began with the people who were arguing for talking about how the newspaper industry has been slowly declining in sells, where as twitter has been steadily rising with more users and views. They also went to say that using new media would reduce costs and limit waste from news papers.

After they finished, the group arguing against started with explaining how we still use old media techniques just on digital version, the techniques have stay and the technology has just revolved around it, such as we still use the burning tool, dodge tool; they also flowed with how news and radio still tell news the same and still find their news the same. They continued with how adverts also have stayed the same, they have only just spread across different platforms, along with how BBC still have high ratings and they are an old media.

After the against spoke, next was the counter argument for “for”. We began with how BBC have different areas for research one was old fashion research, other was form social media which is a new media, which means the way we produce new media has changed as we use new media as a source, there for changing the production.

After that it was my turn to speak for the counter argument, I began by showing that the sale ratings of devices new and old; mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets have dramaticly rises in sale above all of electronic devices such as the TV and radio. Which means that we are now consuming media on a different platform and in a different way because access to that media has become a lot more easier and have more access to new media such as YouTube and other internet based apps.

The mobile device has also changed the way we produce as now we can record videos and post them and do the same thing with pictures which means that we have changed the way we produce media as it has become a lot easier and a lot more people now have the ability to do so.

I also talked about how the newer generation has become a lot more visual and audio based, this is because they have been raised surrounded by more new media but also old such as TV, this has caused the newer generation to become more used to visual and audio which has also caused the drop in news papers.

After that Counter against was up next, they first showed how Twitter would not be able to replace the old news media, the news paper because there is a 200 character limit in twitter, they also stated that the new media wouldn’t be able to replace the local paper as new media is about international news instead of local news which is done by the local news paper.

After that they also stated the old generation haven’t got use to new media, along with TV and radio are still popular to all audiences including the old and the new generations. They also showed that twitter are slowly declining in users but do not have any evidence to back this up, they finished with that a lot more content is being made these days but the quality in the content has dropped.

Once both sides finished we both stated our key points in both our talks and began to answer questions from the floor, one of the questions was “print is on the downfall but do you think it will last?”. This question was aimed at both teams, The against answered first, saying that it will last as its still there and still have the same gate keepers, its just moving to a newer platform. The for team then answered with eventually print will be pushed off the scene, this is because we have become more audio and visual now which print can not offer.

Another great question asked by the floor, which was directed at the “for team” was “if media production and consumption has changed then why do we still filter the media through the same gate keepers to reach the large audience and independent content creators pushing different views still struggle to gain a following. The for answered with we still use the same gate keepers but just on a different media and as it is a many to many platform it is easily elaborated on and shared by the upcoming content creators and by this meaning that large media barons have to be more careful and are more trusted.

In the end the majority of the vote went to For group, which agrees with the statement. The debate went well but we did focus on social media a bite too much and didn’t talk about other types of media like video games, or YouTube or music. I did learn that we still use a fare bite of old media such as old media techniques on new technology like the burn or dodge tool on Photoshop was used when we produced photos in the dark room. From the debate I also became a little more confident from talking to the class and fighting for the statement of the debate.



2 thoughts on “Unit 4: Debate on whether digital media and user generated content has changed the production and consumption of media.

  1. What was the debate and what were you trying to find out?
    Paragraph or two about what you researched how you researched it.
    What kind of questions did you get from the floor and how did you respond?
    Evaluation- how did it all go? Have you learnt anything new? Confident?


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