Canterbury college Interactive media cover art

For this task, I had make a cover for the Facebook page “Canterbury College interactive media”, we did this so we could test our skill in making banners so we could improve for the future tasks that need banners.

I first linked objects and other themes with interactive media, I thought first that the colour blue, so I set the background colour to blue. I then added the title using the textbox and used the font Showcard Gothic; I then placed the title partially in the middle so the title would be the centre of focus; I then started to decide what icons I should put around the title.

Picture of unfinshed banner (just title)

I chose these icons to represent each part of interactive media, what we learn in it and what we will have a better understanding of. I chose the TV icon because we would be learning about film and video and be taught how to use video editing software to edit videos, we will be using this in future projects; I chose the speaker because we would be taught about sound and how to edit it, as well as using it in future projects. I chose the Facebook icon to represent social media as it has a very strong connection to interactive media because it is designed for full interaction with the user and the media they are presented with on the site and the last icon is the game controller. I chose a controller because it is another big part of interactive media, it also links again to what we are learning in the course, such as 3D modeling.

I made the icons and the title white so they would stand out more against the blue; I used the bucket tool to turn each icon white and merely used the text box colour to change the text. After placing the title and icons, I added a border colour on the corners to add more than just a plane blue background.

interactive media cover photo



One thought on “Canterbury college Interactive media cover art

  1. Jack, you need to provide more detail, including screenshots of the process. Also, the rule of thirds rarely results in objects being centred in the frame – make sure that you are confident in applying techniques such as these in your work!


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