Unit 2: Virtual gallery on 3DS

For this task, I have to show the Pros and Cons of using the Louvre Guide of Nintendo 3DS from the comfort of your own home VS actually going to the Gallery itself. This task was given to us so we could the difference of experiencing things in real life and experiencing things in virtual reality, this so we can use this knowledge when creating a virtual gallery ourselves.

Using the 3DS 


There are many advantages of using the 3Ds, first and most obvious is that it is a lot more cheaper than actually going to the museum for some people because of where they live. This is because if they were traveling from a far away place they would have to traveling costs like plane tickets, they also have to pay for a place to stay such as a hotel room and last of all they would have to pay for the actual ticket to get in. If they were to travel from america it would roughly cost £478, which is a lot more than a 3Ds which is £150 with the game.

Another advantage is that it easier for the disabled to view the art than visiting the museum, this is because the metro is hard to use for them as there aren’t many ways in for the disabled and its also hard for them to actually board the train. That’s why using the 3Ds is the best way for them to view the gallery.

The Louvre guide also provides a very wide range of translation, from English to Japanese, this allows other countries to experience the tour without any translation problems when in the museum and getting to the museum, making it more of a pleasant experience.

You can get a closer look at famous pieces of art and see them in detail, without having to push through or look over any crowds and having to stand at a distance from the painting.


The are some disadvantages of using the 3Ds than actually visiting museum, one of them is the viewer would not get the full experience of seeing the art work in the flesh, as pixels will never be as good as the real thing.

Another disadvantage is that the viewer would not be able to view all the art in the gallery, as they say there is more than 600 where as the museum contains 70,000 pieces of art.

Also there is the lighting as you won’t be able to see the how light works with this piece of art as the 3Ds won’t be able to present that kind of light, however if you go to the Louvre you will be able to see how the light really works with the painting.

If you use the 3Ds, instead of going to the museum, you won’t be able to get any souvenirs from the museum to remember the experience nor get any for friends and family.


If you want to see the art works, it is best to actually go there yourself, as you would be able to see and experience the art the way the artist wanted the viewer to see it. However, if you are visiting from far away, and have pay a lot of expenses, then it would be cheaper to buy the game and 3Ds, but you won’t experience the museum fully, which matters a lot if you like art.


2 thoughts on “Unit 2: Virtual gallery on 3DS

  1. More content in intro- why are you doing this task and how will it help you for your own gallery.

    Looking at the actual experience of things in real life vs virtual reality.




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