Unit 1: Sound Dubbing

The task I was given was to Dub a limbo video scene only using the sounds we created with two pieces of paper, this is so we could learn how to make sounds, edit them and then dub them with video, these skills will help me in the future of this course as I would be able to use them in projects or basic course work.

I first noted down all the sounds in the original limbo video when watching it, this way I knew exactly what I needed, I needed a sound for a lodge sliding, debry, ambience, the rock rolling, the rock colliding with the boy and the bank, lodge colliding with the bank and footsteps.

Once noted down all the sounds me and my partner Sam went to the library to record the sounds, we chose the library because it was quite and it had many corners with no one around to interrupt, we used a microphone given by the media department. To create the sound for lodge sliding we used both the papers to slide their edges together, the Derby was finger dragging across the paper, the ambience was shaking the two pieces of paper and blowing between the two pieces of paper, the rock rolling was taping one peice of paper. The rock colliding with the boy was holding two pieces of paper together and whacking both with one finger softly, samething for colliding with the bank but with a lot more power in the hit, the lodge colliding again used two pieces of paper but with two finger hits softly. The last sound we scrunched up one piece of paper and tapped it with one finger.

After collecting the sounds I edited them in audacity, I changed each ones speed so it was more deeper and sounded slower, bass so it would sound a lot more heavy, the equalization which would change the frequency of the sound and cropped out any unnecessary sound so I could edit it quicker. Once finished I started to dub the video in Adobe premiere, first placed the video into the video track without its sound and then added all the sounds I needed. Then placed each sound into the audio tracks and synced each one up, the only sounds I was not able to add was the ambient sounds.


The dub went very well as it is able to replicate the sounds of the original video, the only difference is the the dub does not have ambient music unlike the original. it could be improved by adjusting the sound levels to be the same level, so they don’t over power each other.

audacity rock

adobe premiere limbo

Here is a video of limbo before and after being dubbed:



One thought on “Unit 1: Sound Dubbing

  1. Jack, your paper dub succeeds in replicating the sounds using paper, although it would benefit from some more balance to the leveling of sounds. Your write-up is a little to descriptive and needs more explanation of the processes, skills and techniques used. What did you record with and what settings did you use? What about how your dub compares to the original?


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