Unit 1: 3D modelling: making a collection of rooms and corridors

On Thursday 12th November, we were taught how to make a collection of rooms and corridors on 3Ds max and put it on unreal engine. We were taught this so we could use what we learnt to make and edit rooms in the future of this course.

First I made a simple design of the rooms and corridors I would make in 3Ds max, so I wouldn’t make unorganized and chaotic.

I then created a box the height, width and length of the normal character size, this would allow me to make doors and hallways the right size for the character to go through. once done I created another box with the character box inside and flipped the polygons on the shape so I could see inside the structure and make the insides of the structure not see though, this would allow me to make the structures without a lot of hassle and not allow the player to see outside the structure until I wanted them to.

3D with invis wall

I then Shaped it to size the main hallway the way I wanted with the ceiling being just a little higher than the character, this is so when making doors the door way would be the right height. I then start to extrude out, this way I could make rooms and door ways easily without having trouble or adding more shapes. when making the hall way I had to extrude the sides of the hall way so I had the polygon lines to create a door way up ahead, but after extruding the front I had to delete a couple of polygons otherwise their would be door way in the middle of the hall way.

I continued extruding and adding more rooms and doors, until I finished the plan I made earlier, I used the character block to create the doors the right Height and width to fit through the door. Once I finished everything, I raised the ceiling so it wouldn’t be so cramped and began to export the 3D model.

Finished 3D rooms

Once I had exported the 3D model properly I then started to work on getting it into the Unreal engine and adding lighting and sound to create atmosphere. First I got rid of everything solid in the unreal engine start up environment and then added my 3D model, I made the 3D model have a complex collision so the player didn’t fall through the floor, changed the lighting Matt to 512 and made the texture of the 3D model double sided so the light from the sun wouldn’t be let in.

After sorting out 3D model, I started to add the lighting and sound, I first added three spotlights and three normal lights into the structure. One spot light was displaying a stack of rectangular prisms and the other two are pointed at another rectangular prism, I had some issues with the spotlights as they would sometimes light the whole room up instead of a section, I sorted it by reducing the bounce of the light and making it a movable object. There are three normal lights, two are red and in the main hall way, one is in a separate room and is a light blue to make a object look like a TV, again I had some difficulty with a couple of lights but I fixed by reducing the bounce, the intensity and the radius of the light.

I then added the sound files I wanted in the engine and started adding those, I first dragged the sound file which is the sound of rain and thunder into the middle of the 3D model and then expanded its radius so it could be heard all across the area without it fading in any areas. Next I added an eerie ambience sound, but instead of dragging it in I first added a trigger box and placed it into a room and stretched to fit the room, I then went into blueprints and made it so that when the player walked into the trigger box, it would play the ambient sound.

The last sound I added also used a trigger box but I made it so it was triggered by a press of the key when inside the area in the blue prints, it was a walla sound of a TV with white noise. I also made it so that when the player hit the same key, it would stop the sound and end with a click sound to show the TV was being turned off.

I believe I have done very well in creating the collection of rooms and hall ways, I used my own initiative to solve problems that occurred when making the rooms and used my own creativity to place the rooms, one improvement I could make for future use is to remove the character block from the rooms. When using the unreal engine, the lighting I did was good, however I could improve the sound’s placement, I could have place the ambient sound in the same room as the TV that way the TV would seem spooky and scary.




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