Unit 3: Creative CVs

When making the creative CV, I aimed on making it show my creativity and my organisation skills, this was to teach us that business like more creative CVs and to help us practice on creating CVs in the future, we will also use the creative CVs for applying for job applications from the other studios in the class.

CV design1

This first design was good in color and size, it was able to show everything they need to know, this could be improved by organizing the text boxes a little better and adding some contact information to the CV. I also noticed in some feedback that some of the titles were not needed because they are self explanatory.

CV design 2

I improved by enlarging the shapes on the borders to fit in the text a little better without me having to shrink the text a little too small; I also added the contact info and the area I live in next to the main title, I could improve the CV by making the icons more centred.


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