Unit 3: Acumen animation studios: Job application for Concept Artist and cover letter

For this task I had to create a Job application for a concept artist, I did this for Acumen animation studios group, I also had to create cover letter for another studio in the class for their job application they posted. We were given this task so we could use what we learned when ether sending out a job application or creating a cover letter to get a job.

Here is the Job application: acumen studios concept artist

I chose the concept artist as we had to pick a job that fitted our skills and do a job application for the job we picked, I picked the concept artist because I would work with my imagination and creative skills and I am able to draw quick designs and improve them further.

When creating a cover letter I first had to pick another studios job application that fit with the skills and education I have. I picked the job application from the studio called H.I.M (Hyper Interactive Media) and the job application I picked was the Graphic designer.

Here is the cover letter: Jack Hilder cover letter



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