Unit 1: Photo montage

For this task I had to combine different images to make one image, this technique is called a photo montage. We did this so we could learn about photo montage and how we can use it and to practice our Photoshop skills for the future use for this course.  

Computer spill

To create this image I first Found the image of a laptop on a desk, this would be the main image and background. Next I found oil spills off Google and pasted them in a different photoshop window, I then took the white backgrounds off the oil spills by using the quick selection and deleting the White background. I took the White background off the oil spills so they don’t look like images. I then copied and pasted the edited oil spill back to the main window and then started to work on combining the images.

Again I made another window but place the laptop image in it, I then removed all the background and only kept the keyboard part of the laptop by using quick selection. I placed the keyboard back in the main window and put the keyboard over the background keyboard by placing the layer above the background layer, that way I could place the first oil spill under that layer and make it look like its leaking from the bottom. I then started to work on the next oil spill by placing it on the laptops screen, I did this by using the move tool. Once in place I made the image more adjust to the perspective of the laptop; I did this by using the direct selection and pulling on the corners of the selection box around the image.

oil spill being edited      laptop keyboard

Once adjusted, I combined all the layers and added a filter around the edges; I did this by using the Lasso tool and selecting the middle and then inverting it to select the outside; I then used the pixel filter, making the outside look pixelated. After that I finished up by blurring the edges of oil spill on the screen; I did this on its furthest side so it would fit the images perspective as when a object becomes more distant, it gets harder to focus on.


2 thoughts on “Unit 1: Photo montage

  1. Jack, this details what you did, but your write-up is a little descriptive. You need to explain the process with more detail and reference to tools, skills, processes and techniques used in Photoshop. Screenshots of the process would also help explain what you did!


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