Unit 2- Applying research tools and methods to drawing

The first task I was given was to draw one of my appliances from home, only using my memory. We did this because we were learning about the different types of drawing techniques, such as drawing from memory and drawing from a picture.

There were only two obstacles I faced, first was picking the appliance I could remember the best, which was the microwave and second was remembering the little details on the microwave such as the number and shapes on the dials. The scale was definitely not correct, the measurements had no relation to the actual microwave but the microwave did have the right shape when comparing it to the real thing. The positioning of the features of the microwave was very accurate compared to the real microwave, the dials seemed to be placed right and the button on the bottom right of the microwave is there.

When comparing the drawing from memory and the actual microwave they are very similar, but only a few features are missing from the drawing, such as the measurements on the dial and the lines on the bottom and top of the microwave.



When researching the actual size of the microwave, I used a measuring tape and wrote down the size of the microwave, I used my Ipad to take a photo. After doing so, took the picture and measurements and redid the microwave, since I didn’t have such a good camera, I wasn’t able to capture the microwave in full detail but I was able to get some detail down more than when I did it from memory. The shape and size of the microwave were accurate but the top dial was too high as I could not add any of the writing on it, this probably because the dials might have been too big and may be a bit too spread out. Next I shall measure the dials as well, along with measuring the where the dials are placed, that way I can draw the microwave more accurately.


To create these two drawings I used a ruler, a pencil, a rubber and then used a ipad camera and measuring tape to get a picture and the measurements of the microwave, to create the first drawing I used my memory to create the scale and the main features of the microwave. I also used my sense of perspective to make the microwave look the create size at an angle, I used shading to make it look more 3D and used my memory again to add any little details in. When creating the second image I first made the measurements much smaller than the microwave was so I could fit it on the page, then used the measurements and a ruler to create a box at an angle, I then used the picture to accurately place the dials and other features in the right place.


Out of both the drawings I prefer the first drawing, the one we had to use memory for, this is because I did not angle the second drawing’s lines properly, instead of the width of the microwave slightly shrinking as more distance is gained, I angled it so it would stay the same, It would work if I had the front slightly angled but it is not.

I do not think it is cheating using measurements and pictures to make the second picture as they are merely tools and the painter has to use his own initiative when placing them and using them, unlike on the documentary “Tim’s Vermeer”, Tim’s device as I believe is cheating as the painter only needs to copy from what he sees and does not need to use his own initiative when using the tool.


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