Unit 1: photography and tilt shift

On 08/10/1015 I took some pictures with different features, I will be explaining how I took them and how I can improve them.


For this shot, I widened the Aperture to focus more on Luke’s head and then have the background out of focus, this technique is used to create a more dynamic photo. I could improve it by working more on the focus, adjusting the brightness a little better and to use the tripod to have more of a steady shot.


For this shot, I made the shutter speed very low, this is why some of the people that are moving are a little blurry, this technique is used to show movement in objects or living things like people. I could have improved this again by turning the brightness down and timing the photo better so I could catch a lot more people, empathizing movement in the picture.

The Tilt shift: 

I will now explain how I changed the Photo I took before, to look like a Tilt shift photo after in Photoshop.





What I did was I used the gradient tool to select the outside and protect the middle from editing. I first made the outside of the picture blur, so the building were blurred and the cars were blurred, after that I adjusted the saturation of the photo by increasing, this would make the photo look more toy like. Once done, I adjusted the contrast by increasing it and then decreased the brightness for the photo.


One thought on “Unit 1: photography and tilt shift

  1. Jack, you describe some of the techniques used, but you need to make sure that you use the correct terminology. For example, how would you “turn the brightness down” in photography? There is no brightness setting! Make sure that you apply your knowledge of processes and techniques in your write-up!


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