Unit 4: Genre and meaning of photography

refugees syrian 

Source of image: http://www.lynseyaddario.com/war-and-revolution-in-the-middle-east/syrias-refugees/ADDARIOSYRIANREFS001/

Taken by Lynsey Addario, this photo is called Syria’s Refugees. This photo is a Documentary photograph and its purpose is to document the refugees from Syria who were running away from the war. The meaning of this photo is to show that Syria’s refugees need more help as there are so many of them, that they are all reaching out for supplies as there isn’t enough. To help convey the meaning she took a wide shot, this way she could capture all their faces so she could show the emotions they are going through, allowing people to feel more empathetic. This communicates to the veiwer that these people need more help, making the veiwer empathetic towards the refugees.


Source: http://www.johnpaulcaponigro.com/blog/11560/masterworks-in-my-collection-ansel-adams-clearing-winter-storm-1944/

Taken by Ansel Adams, this picture is called Yosemite Valley Clearing Winter Storm 1944. This picture is a Fine art landscape and its purpose is to show the Yosemite Valley beautie. The meaning of this picture is that there is hidden beautie in the world, that can be found by anyone; to convey the meaning a little better, he took a wide shot. This way he could capture as much beautie into the picture as possible. This makes the viewer want to explore and see the hidden beautie themselves.


Source: http://www.dezeen.com/2012/07/02/alternate-perspectives-by-randy-scott-slavin/

Taken by Randy Scott Slavin, this photo is called Empire State. This an architecture photo, using a mirror sphere, he took a photo of its reflection which was in New York next to the Empire State Building. The purpose of this photo is to show how massive our buildings have got and show the architect of each one. The meaning of this photo is to show how we, the civilisation have built such massive buildings over time and have made huge cities. He was able to convey the meaning by using a mirror ball and positioning the camera facing towards the ball at the right place, that he could capture more buildings and gave the buildings a slight bend. This makes the veiwer interested in New York and also the Empire State by showing its vast city from a low angle.


2 thoughts on “Unit 4: Genre and meaning of photography

  1. Jack, some valid points made here and you show an understanding of the relationship between genre, purpose and meaning. You could have discussed the techniques used in the photographs and how these help to convey meaning, however.


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