Research on Buying a good phone at a cheap price

I was given a task to research a phone I would like and tried to find the cheapest way I could buy. We were given this task so we could practice on types of research we learnt in the lesson.

We learnt about three types of research which were primary, secondary, quantative and qualitative; primary research is when you use surveys, ask experts or other people with knowledge of the research you are doing or use your own knowledge. Secondary research is when looking up facts and information through the Internet, books and other sorts of things that contain information.

Quantitive research is research based in statistics and other numbered results, they are also short simple answers like yes or no, this kind of research can be found in pie charts, bar charts, surveys, graphs and more. Qualitative research is looking at opinions and other further explained research, this can be reviews, surveys with questions that are more than just a yes or no answer and hypotheses.

I chose two phones and compared them, I also made a Table.

Here are my results between the buying the IPhone 5s and the Galaxy 6S edge at different companies.

table of phone prices

Table for phone costs

Research on buying phone

Evaluation of my research 

I think I did pretty well researching into phones, used both my own knowledge and the Internet to research the phones, the research would be both primary and secondary research. I looked at quantative research using deals to bring down the cost of the phones and SIM card I would get. I used a little bite qualitative research to see what phone was better, I looked at reviews on both of them, then started the quantative.




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