Unit 2-3.1+3.2- Reflecting on feedback

Reflecting on feedback:

On Wednesday I took some pictures for the course to learn about photography and received feedback on some of the photos which I shall now reflect on. We did these tasks so we could learn how to give critical feedback to each other and how to use the the feedback we have received to improve our work.

caf-pic-feedback with blur



After the feedback I have received from Facebook, I will now take more pictures with more people walking through, making it more dynamic. Also for my pictures I should try to keep out things that would ruin the composition, such as for my abstract picture I could try to point the camera more towards the building and trying to keep the ceiling out of the picture as best as I can. I have also learned that to make a better portrait, I should try to keep it only one person in the picture, so that it is more focused on that one person I want to capture.

what type of research:

I believe that this type of research is primary as primary counts as surveys, questionnaires and interaction with people. This would allow feedback to be primary research as it is a form on interaction with people. It would also count as a qualitative as these are personal responses from people, which is what qualitative means.

Effectiveness of Facebook:

Facebook is a very good tool for research as it allows everyone in the classroom and teachers to give feedback on photos that we have taken. This allows you to easily improve your work by using the feedback and if you ever forget what you need to improve, you can always check again as it stays up on Facebook.

Is social media a good way to promote your work? 

I believe social media is a good way to promote your work as it is capable of spreading very fast and becoming popular, you can also use the feedback you get from promoting, allowing your work to be able to improve.


2 thoughts on “Unit 2-3.1+3.2- Reflecting on feedback

  1. Intro- why are you doing the task?
    Put the photos up in the post and show all of the feedback. Is social media good to promote your own work?
    Critique your own work and the feedback and evaluate.


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