Unit 1: How I made a 3D model of microwave

Today I have learnt how to make a 3D model and texture it, for the size of the microwave, its height is 27 cm, width is 44.6 cm and its length is 32.4. I learnt how to change the units of 3Ds max so I can apply the same units of measurements from the microwave I searched up to the 3D model.

Source: http://ao.com/product/kor6l77-daewoo-microwave-white-36653-50.aspx

Date: 01/10/2015

microwave off internet

After that I learnt how to set up the template for the textures for the microwave by using UV editor, I then loaded the template image on Photoshop and began placing pictures of the sides of microwaves in the template. Once finished with the template, I was taught how to apply the template for the texture to 3Ds max then apply it to the image and here is the finished product:

microwave completed





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