communication of 3D

We were given a task to create a mind map to show the communication of 3D through different types of media. We did this so we could learn how 3D nearly ties in with all media and how it is a valuable skill to have.

3D mind map


Virtual 3D worlds are made 3D so the the play can easily understand the space and surroundings in their game. Such as some old 3D games are very hard to get a depth perception because of a lot of the flat surfaces, whilst the newer 3D worlds are better design with much better designed levels that make it easy for the player to understand their environment.

3D is also used to show facial expressions and body language, it is usually added to make characters more realistic and human, adding attachment to characters. It is well known to be used in LA Noire, as you had to tell whether the characters were lying to you or telling you the truth. It is also used for animals, ether to make them appear more scary or make them more friendly.


Actors are usually replaced by CGI in dangerous or scenes that are impossible to make. Such as in The avengers, They CGI Thor when he takes off into the sky, if they where to apply that force to actor, he would be seriously injured at that speed; another scene is when Loki is being smashed by The Hulk, as The Hulk is CGI, the actor cannot be picked up by the hulk, making the scene impossible to pull.

They also use 3D modeling to make characters as well, this is usually because it is easy and less money to make than a model and some scenes are impossible to pull with a model. Like I mentioned earlier the Hulk is CGI as it would be very hard to make a model hulk jump around. Along with that they are able to make the body and facial expression in a 3D CGI than a model.


In science there are many 3D models made, they can be used for medical purposes such as making 3D models of patients organs so doctors have an easier time figuring out what’s wrong with their patient.

3D models can also help show how physics work to students such as show a demonstration using 3D models and 3D animation.

3D printing: 

Their is software that is allows the user to design 3D objects and then be able to send the right information to the 3D printer to print. This has many uses to people, such as some might use the program to make 3D art to display.

Another use of 3D printers are they can make useful 3D objects that the user has designed such as spoons, wrenches, screwdrivers and more. 3D printing can also make complex parts for users to put together to make bigger and better creations the 3D printer can make itself such as cars, tools, etc.


Big company’s use 3D modelling and animation when it comes to mascots in advertising, they use this to make their products more appealing and friendly to the customers. Some mascots that are 3D are Mr. Muscle, Duck and more.

3D animation is also used to show how certain products work and how good they are, this way the customer understands how it works and are more confidant in the product and would buy it. This advertising is usually used in cleaning products.


3D models are used in geography to show the how land is shaped, this can be used in many was such as for scientific reasons, for trip planning or for education.

3D models can also help by showing the placement of structures such as building in the land scape, again this can be used for scientific purposes, education or trip planning.


3D software can help architects design structures easier and be able to map everything down more easily. This would architects to work fast and also produce better quality structures.

Architects can also use 3D modelling to show their structures more easily to their customers, allowing the customer to have a better understanding of what the architect has designed for them. This allows no misunderstandings and allowing the customer to get what they want more easily.

Product design: 

Again they use 3D modelling to make mascots for their products, this makes the product more appealing to the customer and allows customers to be able to recognise the product from the advertisement.

They also use 3D modelling to design how the product is going to look, usually the case of the product. This is because it is easier to design and can be easily configured to be printed by a 3D printer.


3D modelling is also used in CG, usual for effects in films, this way the effects look more real and give them a perspective of how big they are. Such as in avengers, they use 3D CG for explosion, for the aircraft and more.


3D models and animation are used a lot in education, such as to show their students how certain things work like physics and biology. Such as showing a 3D model of a humans bone structure and showing what it looks like what happens if a meteorite were to enter our atmosphere by using 3D animation.

3D still: 

3D modelling is used to make 3D still images to display as art, there usually showcases with 3D still images. They also can be shown in your portfolio to show how skilful the person is are 3D modelling.




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