A company that inspires me

One of the many big company’s that inspire me the most are Valve.

Valve is known to have a whole different approach with making games; the way they run their company is by giving the employees freedom to create and work on what they want to produce. Along with that they are able to leave projects that they don’t like working on, never forcing the employee to work on something they don’t like. This allows employees to produce high quality games as they are more into making it as it’s what they want to make.

Valve is also known to put a lot of work into their games, this shown by the jobs wouldn’t expect to be at valve like Psychologist who research and experiment human behaviour. This allows valve to create realistic characters, making the game seem more life like and real, allowing the player to empathise more for the character. Another job is the Economist who create realistic and working economies inside the game, which makes the games story more understandable, they also make the money system in games easy to understand for players, making it a better exprience for the player.


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