Introduction to interactive media

Interactive media usually refers to media on computer based systems that the audience interact with, this can be news websites, games, videos and other media that can be found on technology. The part of interactive media I am interested in is games development and animation.

The reasons for my interest in games development is that I have had a long history of playing games, from this I have slowly become curious on how games are created and gained a passion for games. This is why I want to become part of the game industries. Another reason why I want to learn how games are created is because I like to create. It’s because when I create, I feel a sense of pride, being proud that I have made something in my own vision and to show it to people; this is one of reasons I am interested in animation.

Learning animation would give me a world where I can create and give it to the world to enjoy. I’ve also been interested on how animators get things to move smoothly such as characters and objects, I would like to learn about the timing and frame by frame animation.


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