Unit 1: Different ways of communication technology use


This is a diagram of the different ways each type of media use communication through technology.


Film use sound in many ways, usually they use it for dialog for their characters to explain the plot, but they also use it for music to fit the feeling of a specific scene. This can happen in sad scenes, horror scenes and romantic scenes, etc.

Image is obviously used in film as it would not be called a film without moving images. But there are many ways the film uses images, such as if the main character was knocked out, they would make the whole screen black and just when he’s waking up, make the image a little blurry to show his eyes adjusting.

To create film, you must first obtain a camera, the camera is design to take many pictures and put them together, this way when the each picture is shown quickly and in order, it would look like motion. Each picture in a film or video is called a frame; this is used to measure how many pictures are taken and then played per second, this is called frames per second (FPS). If you wanted a high quality film, you would play a lot of frames per second, such as 2000 FPS; this can be used also to slow down the video, such as if a camera takes a lot more pictures per second and then played like a normal video, it woul appear to be slower.

Slow motion is used now these days to make a scene in a film more intense and is also used for curiosity, like a slow motion video of a ballon popping on YouTube, which means film and the Internet have converged.


Print usually uses text to convey news and other information to readers, they use a formal approach in news papers to attend to both the high class and middle class of people. They also have some articles that are not so formal to attend to all classes.

They also use pictures in their prints to allow the reader to fully understand the situation, whether it’s a disaster or a major crash on the road. It allows the reader to get a image of what happened.

Print these days use many techniques to create a bigger audience to there news papers and magazines, such as photo manipulation. Photo manipulation is used more on female images to attract a bigger audience; what they try to do is to make the female in the picture be perfect but this is is not possible unless they use photo manipulation. This kind of technique was not used a lot until the present day, as it has become a lot easier and cheap to do such photo manipulation. This technique converges with advertisement as they use this kind of technique a lot in their images.


TV use image in a couple of ways, they use moving images to show films and other programs like news channels and kid shows. But they also use still images to show scenes or displays of art; also without image, it would only count as a radio, as all it would have is sound.

TV use sound to transfer information to the audience, such as the news channels as they use verbal communication to tell the audience the news. There are also some channels that are made for just music, the only difference it has with a radio is that it has the image showing a the video for the music.

TV also use text to convey information as well, it is mostly seen on news channels along the bottom of the screen. It usually tells news that has already been said to people who just joined the channel late or tells completely different news that is unrelated to the current news.

With news channels, they present it almost present it like a website, with the images on the side and text being displayed below, above and again on the side. This technique is used to convey as much information as they can to the audience, so they don’t miss out on anything. As I said earlier it presents its self like a website, which means that TV converges with the Internet.


Games usually have image to show the player both the plot of the game and to show the outcome of the information the player is inputting by the controller such as pressing the A button will show the character jumping. They also use the image to show atmosphere in the game, such as if the made the lighting dark, it would make the game more creepy and scary.

Games use sound to create atmosphere as well in the game such as if it was a peaceful cinematic they would use instrumental music or if it was a action part of the game, they might use rock music. Sound is also used to explain the plot more easily and also help the player be able to hear what is going on the environment, such as be able to hear other players or CPUs footsteps.

Games also sometimes have text, this is usually for the player to learn more about the plot or to help the player continue through the game, such as the the player could look at a computer in the game and learn a password to a certain door. Text is also used in games menu and Hubs, this so the player navigate and begin the game easily and can modify the game to get the best experience out of it, such as make the screen the right size for the TV or change the brightness.

Games converges with film a lot, this is because when creating the game, they focus a lot on the lighting and the sound. This is because they are both trying to create an atmosphere for ether their film or game, such as if its horror, they would both use the same techniques to create that atmosphere. They would both use dark lighting, creepy ambient noise, etc.


Advertisement use image to show their product or service, they usually show the audience what the product looks like and how it works to appeal to the customers that need that specific product or service.

Advertisement use sound to explain what the product or service is and how it works, this allows the customer to understand the product/service more and how to use it. This also makes the customer trust the product/service, will encourage the customer to buy it.

Advertisement use text to usually show percentages or reviews, this way the information sticks more with the customers and trusts them a little bit more that just the audio alone. This again encourages the customer to buy.

As I stated earlier advertisement does use photo manipulation techniques to attract a bigger audience, but they also use another technique of advertisement, which is called sponsoring. To do this they sponsor a lot events; from small events such as go cart racing to big events like the Olympics. When they sponsor something it allows them to display their logo or product everywhere within the event, that way when somebody say needs a drink, the first thing they will think of is the brand they saw from a event.

Social networking: 

Social networks use text a lot, this is because it is easier for the user to send to their friends and for the friends to understand. Social networking do this because their main objective is to keep families and friends close together and make it easy for them to share their information with each other.

Social networks also allow images, this way the users and can show their friends photos of themselves and other things. This allows the users to have more of a connection with their families and friends, appealing to all the users.


The Internet use text to help the user to navigate the websites and the searchers easily, allowing the user to have full control of what they want to find on the Internet. The Internet also uses text to explain certain things the user wants to know, such as definitions, history, science and other knowledge that’s out there.

The Internet uses images to help the user navigate as well, such as clicking the Google logo will bring the user to the Google search; images are also used to show the user what they want to look at, and this can be anything the current world holds. This helps the user to research, to understand and to create other pictures that are similar. The Internet also has videos for the user to watch as well on websites such as YouTube, this can help the user again to research and to understand, but there are also videos that are for entertainment for the user.

The Internet has sound as well, there are three types on the Internet, music, sound effects and sound for videos. This way the user can entertain themselves, do research and allows the user to create their own content.


Radio only uses sound and there are many reasons why, sound is much easier to broadcast than image and sound as it’ much more simpler. Another reason is, it easy for the listeners to listen whilst going through their everyday lives, listening at their work, listening at home, listening at home, etc. they also can listen to it anywhere as it can be broadcasted very far, they can listen to it in the car, on a boat, on their phones and more. This pleases the listeners as they are able to always have music to listen to.


communication of 3D

We were given a task to create a mind map to show the communication of 3D through different types of media. We did this so we could learn how 3D nearly ties in with all media and how it is a valuable skill to have.

3D mind map


Virtual 3D worlds are made 3D so the the play can easily understand the space and surroundings in their game. Such as some old 3D games are very hard to get a depth perception because of a lot of the flat surfaces, whilst the newer 3D worlds are better design with much better designed levels that make it easy for the player to understand their environment.

3D is also used to show facial expressions and body language, it is usually added to make characters more realistic and human, adding attachment to characters. It is well known to be used in LA Noire, as you had to tell whether the characters were lying to you or telling you the truth. It is also used for animals, ether to make them appear more scary or make them more friendly.


Actors are usually replaced by CGI in dangerous or scenes that are impossible to make. Such as in The avengers, They CGI Thor when he takes off into the sky, if they where to apply that force to actor, he would be seriously injured at that speed; another scene is when Loki is being smashed by The Hulk, as The Hulk is CGI, the actor cannot be picked up by the hulk, making the scene impossible to pull.

They also use 3D modeling to make characters as well, this is usually because it is easy and less money to make than a model and some scenes are impossible to pull with a model. Like I mentioned earlier the Hulk is CGI as it would be very hard to make a model hulk jump around. Along with that they are able to make the body and facial expression in a 3D CGI than a model.


In science there are many 3D models made, they can be used for medical purposes such as making 3D models of patients organs so doctors have an easier time figuring out what’s wrong with their patient.

3D models can also help show how physics work to students such as show a demonstration using 3D models and 3D animation.

3D printing: 

Their is software that is allows the user to design 3D objects and then be able to send the right information to the 3D printer to print. This has many uses to people, such as some might use the program to make 3D art to display.

Another use of 3D printers are they can make useful 3D objects that the user has designed such as spoons, wrenches, screwdrivers and more. 3D printing can also make complex parts for users to put together to make bigger and better creations the 3D printer can make itself such as cars, tools, etc.


Big company’s use 3D modelling and animation when it comes to mascots in advertising, they use this to make their products more appealing and friendly to the customers. Some mascots that are 3D are Mr. Muscle, Duck and more.

3D animation is also used to show how certain products work and how good they are, this way the customer understands how it works and are more confidant in the product and would buy it. This advertising is usually used in cleaning products.


3D models are used in geography to show the how land is shaped, this can be used in many was such as for scientific reasons, for trip planning or for education.

3D models can also help by showing the placement of structures such as building in the land scape, again this can be used for scientific purposes, education or trip planning.


3D software can help architects design structures easier and be able to map everything down more easily. This would architects to work fast and also produce better quality structures.

Architects can also use 3D modelling to show their structures more easily to their customers, allowing the customer to have a better understanding of what the architect has designed for them. This allows no misunderstandings and allowing the customer to get what they want more easily.

Product design: 

Again they use 3D modelling to make mascots for their products, this makes the product more appealing to the customer and allows customers to be able to recognise the product from the advertisement.

They also use 3D modelling to design how the product is going to look, usually the case of the product. This is because it is easier to design and can be easily configured to be printed by a 3D printer.


3D modelling is also used in CG, usual for effects in films, this way the effects look more real and give them a perspective of how big they are. Such as in avengers, they use 3D CG for explosion, for the aircraft and more.


3D models and animation are used a lot in education, such as to show their students how certain things work like physics and biology. Such as showing a 3D model of a humans bone structure and showing what it looks like what happens if a meteorite were to enter our atmosphere by using 3D animation.

3D still: 

3D modelling is used to make 3D still images to display as art, there usually showcases with 3D still images. They also can be shown in your portfolio to show how skilful the person is are 3D modelling.



Analyzing The Avengers

Analysing The Avengers

This power point analysis The Avengers audience it contained when it was released in cinemas (written up by Jack Hilder) and also the representation of The Avengers movie (written up by Josie Askem).

We did this task because we being taught how to use research properly and how to get images without getting copyright, this way we can get content that is copyright free for the future and be able to show our sources of research with future tasks.

A company that inspires me

One of the many big company’s that inspire me the most are Valve.

Valve is known to have a whole different approach with making games; the way they run their company is by giving the employees freedom to create and work on what they want to produce. Along with that they are able to leave projects that they don’t like working on, never forcing the employee to work on something they don’t like. This allows employees to produce high quality games as they are more into making it as it’s what they want to make.

Valve is also known to put a lot of work into their games, this shown by the jobs wouldn’t expect to be at valve like Psychologist who research and experiment human behaviour. This allows valve to create realistic characters, making the game seem more life like and real, allowing the player to empathise more for the character. Another job is the Economist who create realistic and working economies inside the game, which makes the games story more understandable, they also make the money system in games easy to understand for players, making it a better exprience for the player.

Introduction to interactive media

Interactive media usually refers to media on computer based systems that the audience interact with, this can be news websites, games, videos and other media that can be found on technology. The part of interactive media I am interested in is games development and animation.

The reasons for my interest in games development is that I have had a long history of playing games, from this I have slowly become curious on how games are created and gained a passion for games. This is why I want to become part of the game industries. Another reason why I want to learn how games are created is because I like to create. It’s because when I create, I feel a sense of pride, being proud that I have made something in my own vision and to show it to people; this is one of reasons I am interested in animation.

Learning animation would give me a world where I can create and give it to the world to enjoy. I’ve also been interested on how animators get things to move smoothly such as characters and objects, I would like to learn about the timing and frame by frame animation.